Friday, February 22, 2019

Stars at Play {Finished Mini Quilt}

My latest mini quilt is complete! Making mini quilts was our "assignment" as Island Batik Ambassadors this month -- a fun and quick project was just the thing for me this month!

These fabrics all came in my latest Island Batik Ambassador goody box and I based my fabric pull around the mottled "peacock" accent fabric. As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics to use and share with you! 

I decided to use our "in the pipeline" pattern Stars At Play in the mini quilt size for this project. I used this pattern last year to make a baby quilt! This mini is just a scaled down version of that quilt -- using 6" blocks instead of 9" blocks.

For the backing, I used a large cut of black solid batik (yes, this is a thing!) and layered it and the top with some pieced-together batting scraps. I decided on using the teal Auriful thread for the quilting but decided to use grey in the bobbin. Since the threads were just different colors of the same weight thread, I didn't run into any tension issues, which made the quilting process quick and easy!

I used a swirl-and-loop motif that I have used a few times before -- just in a smaller scale for the mini quilt.

For the binding, I used a grassy green batik. Instead of simple topstitching, I decided to go fancy and use a decorative stitch for sewing the binding to the front of the quilt. I used a leaf-shaped satin stitch (#25 on my Magnolia) in a chartreuse green Aurifil thread.

Now this quilt is ready to hang in my sewing room! 

Quilt Stats:
Name: Stars at Play Mini
Pattern: Stars at Play
Size: 24" square
Fabrics: Various Island Batik fabrics -- a half yard of the main peacock print; 5" strips of other fabrics
Quilting: curls and loops
Started: February 2019
Finished: February 2019

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Stars at Play {Now available!}

I'm really excited today because a long-time coming pattern is now available in our Etsy and PayHip shops! Our Stars at Play pattern is now available!

This pattern was originally designed by Amanda when she had some beautiful jellyfish fabric she wanted to show off in larger squares. She used solids to make the coordinating Missouri Star blocks.

She even cut the accent fabric pieces so that all of the jellyfish are floating in the same direction! Her original mini is 24" square.

I used her original design and scaled it up to a 36" baby quilt last year for one of my Island Batik Ambassador projects. Check out this finished quilt here!

This year, I made my own version of the 24" mini quilt using blues, greens, and purples. I wrote a separate post about my finished mini quilt version!

The pattern also includes a 48" square version for those of you that like a bigger baby quilt or smaller sized throw. This fun pattern is perfect for showing off a favorite fabric! If you make your own version of this pattern, use the hashtag #StarsAtPlay and #HBDquilts on Instagram!

Stars at Play on Etsy
Stars at Play on PayHip

Monday, February 18, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Cutting}

Are your rotary blades sharp and rulers at the ready? It's time to do the cutting for our Daisy Chain quilts!

If you're still working on picking out your fabrics, that's okay! Take a peak at our earlier post on picking colors for your quilt. Printable versions of this (and every) week's directions are available for free on PayHip.

Let's get down to business!

I have separated the cutting into two charts -- one for the background fabric and one for the accent, focal, and scrappy fabrics. Each cut is also labelled with a letter for those that prefer that organization method. 

***For your scrappy fabrics, if you are working from yardage or scraps, you do not need to pre-cut your focal fabric into 2.5” strips unless you feel so inclined. You may want to wait and cut these strips as we go along so that you can choose the colors for each step. There are extra strips included in the given number of required focal fabric strips -- this is to give you a little wiggle room in the event of miscuts.

There's really not too much to add about cutting -- remember that cutting your units from largest units to smallest units usually is the most efficient way to cut your fabric and that's the way the units are listed in the cutting charts.

For my baby sized quilt, I cut some of my fabrics into 2.5" strips -- the fabrics I definitely want to use in the quilt -- but didn't cut everything. The brown on the furthest right is my accent fabric.

For the second quilt, since I'm using a 2.5" strip pack for my assorted/scrappy fabrics, I only needed to cut the background, focal, and accent fabrics.

Check out the posts from my blogger friends:
--Stephanie's Halloween theme is going to be adorable!
--Kate's quilt has a regal feel!
--Christina has bold flowers for her focal fabric and her background will be scrappy!
--Gail has a blue, red, and cream color scheme.

Cutting - February 18th <--- That's today!
Block Unit A- March 4th
Block Unit B - March 18th
Block Unit C - April 1st
Block Unit D - April 15th
Catch up week/giveaways - April 29th
Top Construction Part 1 - May 6th
Top Construction Part 2, Layout - May 20th
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade starts: June 3rd
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade ends: June 17th

Friday, February 15, 2019

Stars at Play Mini {Under Construction}

Now that I finished my Good Fortune quilt top, it's back to focusing on things with deadlines -- but that doesn't mean that those projects aren't fun!

While working on finishing up the last of the unit construction for Good Fortune, I was also working on the unit and block construction for my Island Batik Ambassador mini quilt project for February.

Last week, I had quite a few pieces and parts made for the Missouri Star block portion of the mini quilt. The pattern calls for five star blocks and I am very happy with the final color selections I made for the blocks.

Isn't that background fabric gorgeous? It pulls in all of the colors from the block.

Next up was making the snowball blocks -- these four blocks with the five star blocks make up the center of the quilt.

These rectangles are used in the pieced border.

Now the top of this mini quilt is complete and ready for quilting!

What color(s) do you think that I should use for quilting? I've pulled four different colors of Aurifil from my stash.

I'm leaning towards the purple or the aqua -- what do you think?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Good Fortune {Finished Quilt Top}

After having to make a bunch more units for my borders (which was a long detour!) I have finished my Good Fortune quilt top!

The first task was finishing up the extra green HSTs for my green HST border. I also cut the necessary extra units for my QST units at the same time.

It was nice to already be mostly done with this border and only have to worry about adding on the last side!

I decided to skip the neutral border from the original quilt and just add the QST border directly to the HST border as it was *exactly* the right size for an even number of units. I also probably don't have enough background fabric to add a spacer border of any size anyways -- I only started with 2 yards of the dot print as my background, didn't feel like ordering more, and I like the look of the two different pieced borders next to one another.

Now this top is finished! My changes from Bonnie's original are as follows:
--substitute aqua instead of orange
--half as many total blocks in the center
--spacer border before HST border
--skipped neutral pieced border between HST border and QST border

I'm not sure how and when this one will be quilted -- having On Ringo Lake pantograph quilted was definitely the right decision for that quilt, but I am going back and forth about what to do with this one. It's certainly a manageable size for me to quilt since it's a small throw, but since it isn't a project with a deadline, it will likely be shelved for a while.

But I do know one thing -- this quilt needs a red binding once it is quilted!

Have a Happy Wednesday and Happy Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Coast to Coast Bee 3.0 {My Block}

A new year means the start of new quilt bees, including the Coast to Coast Traveling Bee! While we decided to put off the start of this year's edition of the C2C Bee until February, I have been looking forward to this bee restarting since we concluded last year!

As a reminder, here are my two quilt tops (neither are finished quilts yet, oops.) from 2017 and 2018:

This year, I took my starting block inspiration from my new hometown -- Gettysburg, PA! I found this quilt block that's actually called "Gettysburg" and scaled it to an 18" finished block.

For my fabrics, I pulled Kona Navy for my background and red, white, and aqua fabrics for the rest of the piecing. I decided to paper piece my square in a square units.

The best part about big blocks is how fast they are!

Instead of using this block as the start to a medallion, I'm going to ask each of my bee-mates to make their own 18" finished block inspired by a location -- with lots of state-inspired and history-inspired quilt blocks available, I hope this is a fun (and not overly difficult) request!

Here's a mock up of my design idea with my block repeated four times (but each person will choose their own block(s)!

My plan is that each block will have the Kona Navy background and I will also use the same fabric for the sashing. This will end up being more in the range of 40-45" square rather than a bigger throw quilt. This quilt is likely going to end up in our red bedroom (aka the baseball room) as a quilt for whichever chair ends up in that room as the "reading chair".

I will be working on Stephanie's quilt first this time around. Sharing at Linky Tuesday!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Stars at Play Mini {Magnificent Minis with Island Batik}

This month, our Island Batik Ambassador theme is mini quilts! 

As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics to use and share with you! 

We were tasked with making mini quilts less than 24" square, and I knew just what I wanted to make! 

You might remember my Stars at Play quilt that I made last summer as an IB Ambassador project. 

Amanda and I have been working on getting this pattern finished and I decided to make my own version of the mini quilt for this pattern using my new IB fabrics.

Here are the fabrics that I pulled initially for this project:

The "peacock" fabric on the bottom (yes, that's its actual catalog name!) is my main fabric for this mini quilt and the cream print will be the "background" fabric. The rest of the assorted fabrics will be used to construct my Missouri Star blocks. I pulled out the lime green and don't plan to use it at all; I pulled out the green on the left side to use as the binding.

Here are my fabrics all cut:

I've started working on the block units for the Missouri Star blocks -- these are much smaller than my first go-round with this pattern!

Square in a square units:

Half square triangles prior to trimming: 

Hopefully next week I will have some finished blocks to show you! Don't forget to enter to win some Island Batik fabrics for yourself in my post from Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

House Warming Present {IB Amabassador Goodies 2019}

As you may know, my husband and I recently bought a house and have spent the majority of January packing, moving, sorting, and unpacking. However, you might appreciate that the first package that arrived at the house wasn't anything for the house -- it was my first Island Batik Ambassador box for 2019!
Because we had so much to do, it sat in the living room for about 5 days before I had the time and space to open up the box!

Here are all of the fabric goodies I received:

From approximately left to right:
-half yard cuts of basics and blenders
-a five yard cut of neutral Sprinkles
-a strip pack of Flea Market and two 2 yard cuts of coordinates (which I will be using in my Daisy Chain quilt!)
-two stash builder roll bundles
-three 1 yard cuts of neutral solids
-a 2 yard cut of rayon and a rayon scarf
-five little spools of Aurifil
-surprise fabrics that I will use for my blog hop project in August (and it's beautiful!)

Hobbs batting also showered us with gifts:

-a black queen size 80/20 batting (I've never used a black batting before!)
-a crib size cotton batting
-a silk blend Tuscany collection throw batting
-a queen size cotton batting with scrim
-a queen size bleached 80/20 batting
-a Thermore batting for quilted clothing

There's also something special peaking out in the first picture. Can you tell what it is?

This year, Island Batik is also partnering with Accuquilt, who has provided me with an Accuquilt Go! cutter and dies to use! (I'm already in love with this machine!)

Now it's time for me to share the wealth! One lucky winner will win 10 - 5" strips from my collection of Stash Builder rolls in the colors of their choosing! That's equivalent to over 1.5 yards of fabric.

Comments for entries, up to three comments per person:
1. Leave a comment telling me about your favorite batik project that you've made. If you've never worked with batiks, tell me why not!
2. If you follow my blog or Honey, Bunny, and Doll Designs in some form or fashion (FB, Bloglovin, IG, etc.) leave a comment and tell me how you follow.
3. If you follow any of the other Island Batik Ambassadors in some form or fashion, leave me a comment and tell me who you follow.

Update 2/19/19 -- I have closed the giveaway and the winner is Lee!

Here is the line-up of Ambassadors for 2019, I'm SO EXCITED about some of the new ladies and gentlemen joining us this year!

Carolina Asmussen ~ Carolina Asmussen
Gene Black ~ Gene Black
Pamela Boatright ~ PamelaQuilts
Connie K Campbell ~ Freemotion by the River
Anja Clyke ~ Anja Quilts
Tina Dillard ~ Quilting Affection Designs
Becca Fenstermaker ~ Pretty Piney
Jennifer Fulton ~ Inquiring Quilter
Barbara Gaddy ~ Bejeweled Quilts by Barb
Dione Gardner-Stephen ~ Clever Chameleon
Sarah Goer ~ Sarah Goer Quilts
Vasudha Govindan ~ Storied Quilts
Lori Haase ~ Dakota City Quilter II
Joanne Hart ~ Unicornharts
Mania (Magdalini) Hatziioannidi ~ Mania for Quilts
Carla Henton ~ Creatin' in the Sticks
Stephanie Jacobson ~ Steph Jacobson Designs
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Joan Kawano ~ Moosestash Quilting
Kim Lapacek ~ Persimon Dreams
Emily Leachman ~ The Darling Dogwood
Leanne Parsons ~ Devoted Quilter
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Bill Locke ~ Studio Bill Locke
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Leah Malasky ~ Quilted Delights
Sally Manke ~ Sally Manke
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Kathleen McCormick ~ Kathleen McMusing
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Jennifer Strauser ~ Dizzy QuilterJennifer Thomas ~ Curlicue Creations
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(Debora) Anne Wiens ~ Seams like a Plan
Geraldine Wilkins ~ Living Water Quilter
Janet Yamamoto ~  Whispers of Yore

Monday, February 4, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Fabric Requirements}

Welcome to the official kick-off of the Daisy Chain mystery QAL! Today I'll be talking about the fabric requirements of the quilt.

The great thing about this pattern is that it can be made with scraps or yardage; it can be made with many different fabrics or just a few -- the choice is up to you!

This quilt pattern will use a background fabric, a focal fabric, an accent fabric, and assorted fabrics (from scraps, precuts, or stash). For all quilts, you will want your accent fabric to contrast with your focal fabric. The quilts as designed do not have borders.

Click here to go to PayHip to download the printable PDF of the fabric requirements.

Here's the nitty gritty details:

I would recommend using at least 3 different fabrics for your scrappy fabrics. You can easily use scraps, precuts, fat quarters, or stash fabrics. As you might have guessed, our units will be easily cut from 2.5” strips and your scraps will need to be at least 2.5” square for this quilt. Each week I will have notes for those of you working from scraps, should the directions need adjusting.

Note: You do not need to cut your fabrics into 2.5" strips yet unless you so desire. The number of strips necessary for the scrappy and focal fabrics are helpful for those working from 2.5" strip rolls or scraps.

As far as color choices and color theory goes, it's actually rather simple. Your background should clearly contrast with your focal fabric, accent fabric, and scrappy fabrics. Your focal fabric will be the dominant fabric of the quilt design and can be any size scale. Your accent fabric should contrast significantly with your focal fabric. Fabrics that coordinate with your focal and accent fabrics can be used as your assorted scrappy fabrics. Your focal and scrappy fabrics should have predominantly small-to-medium scale prints.

I have been working on two versions of the quilt that I'll be showing as examples. The first is a baby size version that has a cream background, an orange focal fabric, a brown accent fabric, and a variety of coordinating prints, as shown below. Notice how each one of the fabrics in the lower half of the quilt contrasts with both my background and my accent fabric.

The second quilt will be made from fabrics that I just received in my Spring 2019 Island Batik Ambassador shipment. These fabrics are from the new Flea Market line that should be in stores now or coming to stores very soon! My background will be Kona Oyster, the teal yardage will be my focal fabric, the multicolored print will be my accent fabric, and the remainder of the strip set will be my assorted scraps.

If the given quilt sizes are too small for your preference, feel free to add a border -- just remember to increase the amount of binding fabric for your quilt. I did add a border to my baby size version and it is quite lovely.

If the given quilt sizes are too large for your preference, my suggestion would be to follow the directions of the smaller sized quilt as we go along (ie. follow the throw directions instead of the twin). You can always go back and make a few extra blocks or add a border.

I'll try to add links of our featured bloggers as they post their fabric decisions, too.
-- Stephanie of Quilt'n Party is going to make a Halloween themed quilt
-- Christina of Christina's Handicrafts has a floral as her focal fabric and scraps for the remainder of her fabrics.
-- Kate of Life in Pieces has a beautiful black and red paisley as her focal fabric.
-- Gene Black is going bright and scrappy with an orange background and yellow focal fabric.
-- Gail of Quilting Gail pulled some beautiful French General fabrics.
-- Vasudha of Storied Quilts has a beautiful bright pull with a butterfly wing print.
-- Michelle of Creative Blonde also has a butterfly print featured in her quilt!
-- Pam of PamelaQuilts is also using her Island Batik stash for a baby quilt!

As a reminder, here is our schedule:

Fabric Requirements - February 4th <-- That's today!
Block Unit A- March 4th
Block Unit B - March 18th
Block Unit C - April 1st
Block Unit D - April 15th
Catch up week link up - April 29th
Top Construction Part 1 - May 6th
Top Construction Part 2, Layout - May 20th
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade starts: June 3rd
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade ends: June 17th

Click over to Payhip for the printable version of the directions!

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Brutal Honesty {February 2019}

Well, the move is over and I'm still recovering. I am finally able to sew again, but it seems like things are moving at a glacial pace.

Sent out for quilting:
1. Drift Away Scrap Quilt -- At the long arm quilter, no rush to get back.

Completed tops:
2. Magnolia Mystery QAL -- I have batting, so this can be basted once the backing is pieced.
3. Breezy Blooms C2C Bee -- No progress
4. Double Delight -- Thinking about sending this to be long arm quilted.

Tops partially finished:
5. April Showers C2C Bee Quilt -- January UFO project -- Final border fabric has been ordered! It might not actually have been finished in January but I did make *some* progress on this quilt! Once the fabric arrives, I'll add the final border and figure out how it will be quilted.

6. Romantic Garden Quilt -- No progress
7. Monthly Wall Hangings -- No progress
8. Pineapple Stash Bee Blocks -- I ordered more white-on-white fabric to finish up the sashing at the same time that I ordered the final border fabric for my April Showers quilt.

9. Good Fortune Mystery Quilt -- I am in the middle of making the final HSTs for my green HST border. Here's how the quilt looks right now:

Just blocks and units:
10. Sew Kitschy Blocks -- No progress
11. Cubicle Quilts -- Pressed the two sewn bases I have -- one is for July, one is for August.
12. Happy Houses blocks -- No progress
13. Birthstone blocks -- No progress
14. Radiant Jewel Quilt -- No progress

Quilt alongs and long term projects:
15. Monthly Island Batik Ambassador projects -- January was our big blog hop month! I made a new version of our Dashing to the Chapel pattern (Etsy/Payhip) with the Bazaar line. Our theme for February is mini quilts and I'll be making a mini version of my Stars at Play quilt!

16. Daisy Chain Mystery Quilt -- The kick-off of the Daisy Chain QAL is MONDAY! We'll release the fabric requirements, share our fabric selections, talk about picking your own fabric selections, and adaptations to consider if you want to make your quilt more or less scrappy.

January was a slow sewing month because of our move, but I did get more done than I originally expected. My UFO for January was my April Showers Medallion, which only needed fabric for the final border and I did manage to get it ordered, but it has not arrived yet.

My UFO for February will be my Pineapple Quilt. At the same time I ordered my border fabric for my April Showers Medallion, I ordered some white-on-white fabric for this project. Both of these tops should be able to be finished and ready for quilting in short order once the fabric arrives.

If you or someone you love is interested in purchasing a quilt that you've seen on Little Bunny Quilts, please email me ( because I am willing to part with many of the quilts I have made in the last two years. It is not cost-effective for me to list everything that I'm willing to sell on Etsy with their current listing fee structure. Click on the "Finished Quilts" tab above to see finished items.