Friday, February 15, 2019

Stars at Play Mini {Under Construction}

Now that I finished my Good Fortune quilt top, it's back to focusing on things with deadlines -- but that doesn't mean that those projects aren't fun!

While working on finishing up the last of the unit construction for Good Fortune, I was also working on the unit and block construction for my Island Batik Ambassador mini quilt project for February.

Last week, I had quite a few pieces and parts made for the Missouri Star block portion of the mini quilt. The pattern calls for five star blocks and I am very happy with the final color selections I made for the blocks.

Isn't that background fabric gorgeous? It pulls in all of the colors from the block.

Next up was making the snowball blocks -- these four blocks with the five star blocks make up the center of the quilt.

These rectangles are used in the pieced border.

Now the top of this mini quilt is complete and ready for quilting!

What color(s) do you think that I should use for quilting? I've pulled four different colors of Aurifil from my stash.

I'm leaning towards the purple or the aqua -- what do you think?

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  1. I was thinking the darker green, but I also vote aqua!

  2. I think all of them would look good against the darker fabric, but in imagining each of those colors against your background fabric, I think the aqua would look the best. So I'll join the crowd! :)

  3. Green for sure. Gorgeous. For the love of geese

  4. I'm liking the purple, teal second.

  5. The mossy green will actually blend the best with all the colors, but it depends on the final look you are going for. I have found that light pink or pale yellow blend in with the most diverse colors! See what they look like on your quilt...I'd be interested to see if what I have found to be accurate, looks the same to others!!

  6. I like the aqua. Your mini came together beautifully!

  7. I like that moss green. When I audition threads, I actually pull 10-12 inches of the spool and lie it on the fabrics of the quilt I'll be quilting.
    Then it seems to hit me quickly which thread color the project calls for and what is needed.

  8. Beautiful "mini quilt" and I l ove the way you pieced your border.


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