Monday, February 11, 2019

Coast to Coast Bee 3.0 {My Block}

A new year means the start of new quilt bees, including the Coast to Coast Traveling Bee! While we decided to put off the start of this year's edition of the C2C Bee until February, I have been looking forward to this bee restarting since we concluded last year!

As a reminder, here are my two quilt tops (neither are finished quilts yet, oops.) from 2017 and 2018:

This year, I took my starting block inspiration from my new hometown -- Gettysburg, PA! I found this quilt block that's actually called "Gettysburg" and scaled it to an 18" finished block.

For my fabrics, I pulled Kona Navy for my background and red, white, and aqua fabrics for the rest of the piecing. I decided to paper piece my square in a square units.

The best part about big blocks is how fast they are!

Instead of using this block as the start to a medallion, I'm going to ask each of my bee-mates to make their own 18" finished block inspired by a location -- with lots of state-inspired and history-inspired quilt blocks available, I hope this is a fun (and not overly difficult) request!

Here's a mock up of my design idea with my block repeated four times (but each person will choose their own block(s)!

My plan is that each block will have the Kona Navy background and I will also use the same fabric for the sashing. This will end up being more in the range of 40-45" square rather than a bigger throw quilt. This quilt is likely going to end up in our red bedroom (aka the baseball room) as a quilt for whichever chair ends up in that room as the "reading chair".

I will be working on Stephanie's quilt first this time around. Sharing at Linky Tuesday!


  1. What a cool idea, Alison! I look forward to seeing what inspiration you bee mates choose for their contributions. Will you be sending the Kona Navy along for them to use?

  2. That's a great idea! Looks like you found a good group of quilters.

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE this idea!!!! I have so many ideas!

  4. Love your plan for this year's quilt.


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