Monday, May 6, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Block Construction Part 1}

Update 8/11/2020 -- This pattern is now available in our Etsy and Payhip shops. Please visit one of those sites to purchase the full pattern.

Let's start putting all those blocks together!

This week we are making the first half of our blocks. Next week we will make the remainder of the blocks and reveal the quilt layout.

Combine your Unit A and Unit C block sections as shown below with your 4.5” background squares (D). Make (5/13/24/32) star blocks. Blocks should measure 12.5” unfinished.

Here are my units laid out for the stars for my baby sized quilt:

Here are the finished stars for my second quilt.

Some tips:
-- Press as desired. There won't be too much matching/nesting to worry about going forward.
-- Watch those four patch chains -- make sure they are all going in the same direction! As you might be guessing, the chains are sort of important, hence the name "Daisy Chain".

Check out blocks from some of our participants!
-- Stephanie's stars are white with purple chains on a black background.
-- Gene's stars are yellow with purple chains on an orange background.
-- Kate's chains are red and her stars are black paisley.

Next week we'll reveal the quilt layout and piece together the remaining parts of the quilt!

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  1. I have my blocks made and posted on my blog. Star Blocks

  2. I really like the star and chain blocks. I've got a good start on my blocks, but need to take a non-blurry picture so I can post.

  3. I love those turquoise stars!


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