Friday, March 22, 2019

Four Patch Quilt Top {Charity Sewing}

Way, way back in January, part of my push to organize my new sewing room included cutting up some of my older Island Batik fabrics into squares and rectangles for charity quilts for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.

I had significant chunks of fabric left from two different lines: the Jungle Cruise line, which I used for my Summer Patio quilt and the Bazaar line, which I recently used to make my new Dashing to the Chapel quilt.

From the Jungle Cruise fabric leftovers (and a few additional fabrics mixed in), I cut 9.5" squares and then made gigantic 18.5" four patches.

20 of these four patches made a 72" x 96" quilt top, which is either a very large twin or a moderately sized full quilt.

I'm now working on turning my Bazaar scraps into another quilt top. I have all of my squares stacked up and read to sew into a top. As of right now, this quilt would only be 60" x 80" so it might need a border added.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Twirls and Stripes {Finished Quilt}

It's time to show off my finished vintage inspired quilt and compare it to its inspiration!

My finished quilt:

The original quilt:

After finishing the quilt, I decided to see if I had any Hobbs batting in my Island Batik Ambassador box that would be the right size for my 40 x 48 baby quilt -- and I was in luck! As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics and Hobbs batting to use and share with you!

In my box, I had a crib size (45" x 60") cotton batting that fit the bill perfectly. I also got flannel for the backing, which I did have to piece but better pieced than too small, right?

For the quilting, I just did a simple bubbly meander in white thread, starting in the middle of the quilt and working out. I trimmed the batting and backing 1/2" beyond the edge of the quilt to prep it for binding.

I don't always manage to get a good photo that shows off the quilting as well as this one does! All of the straight lines in the quilt begged for some curvilicious quilting.

I cut yellow strips from a dotty batik print for my binding and decided that I wanted to sew the binding by hand to the back. And what luck! I had some perfectly colored yellow thread too!

This baby quilt hasn't been earmarked for anyone yet, but I doubt it will be waiting long for a little miss or little mister! This one seems to be a perfect gender-neutral quilt.

I'm also sure that I will make more baby quilts using this two-block quilt design! It's always good to have something quick and easy like this in the arsenal for baby quilts.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Twirls and Stripes
Pattern: self-designed, based on a vintage quilt
Size: 40" x 48"
Fabrics: Island Batik basics and blenders, flannel backing
Quilting: bubble meander in white thread
Started: February 2019
Finished: March 2019

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Unit B}

Ready to do more sewing?

This week we are making four patches that have one background square and three coordinating fabric squares. These units can be as scrappy or as controlled as your heart desires!

Baby quilt note: You will not need the entire length of the WOF strips to make your scrappy four patches since you’ll only need to make 4 of them. 10” long strips are long enough for this step.

Choose (1*/1/2/2) 2.5” x WOF fabric strip of any color (I) and pair with a 2.5” x WOF background strip (E). Sew along the length of each strip set; press toward colored fabric. Subcut the strip sets as follows. If you have part of Week 2’s strip set left over, use that first to cut your units!
Baby: subcut 4 units
            Throw: subcut 12 units
            Twin: subcut 24 units
            Queen: subcut 32 units

Choose (2*/2/4/4) 2.5” x WOF fabric strips (I) of colors that contrast with the fabric you used in the step above. Pair the fabric strips together, sew along the length of each strip set; press as desired. Subcut the strip sets as follows. Save remaining strip set “stubs” of your focal/focal fabric strip sets for Week 5.
            Baby: subcut 4 units
            Throw: subcut 12 units
            Twin: subcut 24 units
            Queen: subcut 32 units

Pair one background/colored fabric two patch with a colored/colored fabric two patch to make your scrappy four patch units.
Baby: make 4 four patches
            Throw: make 12 four patches
            Twin: make 24 four patches
            Queen: make 32 four patches

Scrappy version: Make the desired number of four patches from 2.5” squares. These four patches can be as scrappy as you desire and there’s no need for coordinating color tones for these units as long as the fabrics contrast with the background fabric.

For my baby sized quilt, I used the "stub" from week 1 to make the colored/background half of my four patches. Here are both piles of four patches together:

For my second quilt, I pulled six 2.5" strips from my strip pack of Flea Market to make enough four patches for my twin sized version. Since I need 24 total four patches for the twin sized version, I made 12 each of my two different four patch "colorways". I will use the "stubs" of these strip sets in Week #5. (Hint hint!)

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Scrappy Christmas {New Project}

I resisted as long as I was able! My husband bought me Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps book for my birthday last June, had I had yet to start a project from it. In cleaning and sorting my scraps following our move, I decided that I wanted to make my own version of the Jingle Bell Square quilt from that book.

As the name suggests, the quilt is a scrappy Christmas quilt. I have a number of different Christmas quilts but I don't have one big enough for my bed.

Without going into block construction too much, the quilt requires red blocks and green blocks. I cut some of the parts using my Accuquilt Go! cutter and dies. I decided that I would make small batches of blocks.

In my first batch of blocks, I ended up with five full blocks -- three red and two green -- and some block parts sewn and set aside for future blocks.

Making these blocks is NOT fast. I am a person that prefers to make HSTs and QSTs that I can trim to the correct size so making the smaller size of QSTs for these blocks take a while to make and trim. However, unlike my Double Delight quilt that was last spring's scrap project, it makes more sense to make each block one at a time rather than to make all of the units step by step. Well, I guess it makes sense in my head, since it makes it easier to start and stop on this project.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Early April Showers {Finished Quilt Top}

Here in Pennsylvania, there's been a lot of rain and a lot of snow since about mid-January. I think we've gotten our share of April Showers and we're only in the second week of March!

I also have April Showers on the brain because I have *finally* (yes, finally!) finished the quilt top of my Coast to Coast Traveling Bee quilt from 2017 -- made mainly from the April Showers line from Bonnie and Camille!

Here's the quilt the when it returned to me in 2017:

This quilt will likely live in the guest room (which is red and white, with a bit of navy -- as it is my husband's baseball room too) on the queen bed, so it needed to have just a *bit* of a border. Because the fabric line came out years ago, yardage of it was no where to be found at a reasonable price (since I'd like to keep both of my kidneys) so I found a similarly colored print from a Cluck Cluck Sew line.

I cut 3" strips and got to adding the borders. (I actually only needed 9 strips instead of the 10 that I cut -- I probably could have cut wider strips had I realized this sooner.)

Finally, a finished quilt top!

Now to decide how it will be quilted... hopefully that part won't take two years to accomplish!

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