Monday, April 1, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Unit C}

Update 8/11/2020 -- This pattern is now available in our Etsy and Payhip shops. Please visit one of those sites to purchase the full pattern.

No April Fool's Day jokes here, ladies and gents -- just QAL fun!

This week we are NOT making four patches -- we are making a member of the quarter-square triangle (QST) family that I call a ribbon block. We’ll only be using our focal fabric and background fabric this week. These units will need to be trimmed but should be quick and easy to sew together!

My baby size quilt has the orange floral print for my focal fabric. 

My second quilt has a single aqua batik for my ribbon block units. I managed to remember to take some in-progress pictures of these units before pressing, before trimming, and after trimming.

Block Units - April 1st <--- That's today!
Top Construction Part 2 - May 20th
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade starts: June 3rd
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade ends: June 17th


  1. Your blocks are looking great!

  2. Deb Tucker calls them combination units. Bonnie Hunter calls them three-triangles-in-a-square units. A ribbon unit is just as good a name as those others. But why cut them before sewing the bias seams? Instead, draw the future cut line, sew on both sides of the line, then cut them apart. I get more accuracy this way. If they are going to be scrappy, that's a different story. I'm eagerly following along with your mystery.

    1. Hi Ruth -- This method allows you to have all of the large triangles on the same side of the unit, which is an important part of the design, especially for those who have chosen to make their units scrappy. The squares that make up these units are 1/8-1/4" larger than necessary to allow room to trim to the exact size.

    2. You are correct. I missed that. But there is still a technique for that. The last seam still requires a pre-sewn bias cut, but the first one is done by sewing before cutting. Check out for a demo. I saw this technique long ago, prior to the video, probably in a pattern somewhere, but I don't remember where. This might work for scrappy, too, given sufficient quantities of units.


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