Monday, March 4, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Unit A}

It's time to fill those bobbins and put in a fresh needle -- today we're doing our first stitching for the Daisy Chain QAL!

A reminder -- unlike our Blocked Rainbow QAL last year where the two different sizes of quilts used two different sizes of blocks, the different sizes of the Daisy Chain quilt use the same size of blocks and units, but the number of units needed increases for each larger size. Click here to get a printable version of the directions from our PayHip site.

This week we are making our first block units -- classic four patches! These units are composed of background fabric and accent fabric (not your focal fabric!).

Choose (2/5/9/12) 2.5” x WOF accent fabric strips (H) and pair each with a 2.5” x WOF background strip (E). Sew along the length of each strip set; press toward accent fabric. Subcut the strip sets as follows and make the noted number of four patches. Save strip set stubs for Week 3.
            Baby: subcut 30 units, make 15 four patches
            Throw: subcut 78 units, make 39 four patches
            Twin: subcut 144 units, make 72 four patches
            Queen: subcut 192, make 96 four patches

Scrappy version: Make the desired number of four patches from 2.5” squares. Remember that your accent fabric in this step should contrast with your chosen focal fabric. Feel free to mix different fabrics within your four patch units provided the fabrics are similarly toned and have high contrast with your focal fabric.

For my scrappy baby sized quilt, I used the same brown accent fabric for all of my four patch units.

For my Island Batik twin quilt, I used the same multicolored batik for all of my four patch units.

One tip to make sub-cutting your 2.5" sections faster: take two accent/background strip pieced sections and place them right sides together and then cut both layers at the same time into 2.5" sections. Your two-patches will already be nested together nicely to sew into four patches!

Another tip: You can choose to "spin" your seams for these units, however it is not necessary. I like to spin seams for four patches since it eliminates bulk, but for these units, it's not necessary to press a particular way for nesting later on when we assemble blocks.

Let's see what some of our participants are making:
- Stephanie has purple and black four patches for her Halloween quilt!
- Gail used her Accuquilt Go! to cut the parts for her red and white four patches.
- Gene has orange and purple four patches.
- Kate made red and cream four patches for her quilt.
- Christina is working on blue and white four patches!
- Pam has pink and white four patches -- featuring some cute Island Batik birdies!
- Vasudha has red and white four patches -- can't wait to see more!
- Michelle made some lovely purple and white four patches!

Fabric Requirements - February 4th
Cutting - February 18th
Block Units- March 4th <--- That's today!
Block Units - March 18th
Block Units - April 1st
Block Units - April 15th
Catch up week link up - April 29th
Top Construction Part 1 - May 6th
Top Construction Part 2 - May 20th
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade starts: June 3rd
Link up/giveaways/quilt parade ends: June 17th


  1. Looks easy enough. I hope to catch up this week :-)
    Thanks for the tip on placing two strip sets together before cutting so they are ready to be sewn into four patches. I'm sure that will make it go fast.

  2. I'm ready to get sewing! Four patches go fast, so this should be fun.

  3. Great.I'm not playing along but I enjoy reading about it.

  4. The fabric palettes that everyone is using is so different. Both of your versions look great! Thanks for hosting the mystery, it's been a lot of fun.


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