Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer on the Coast -- Month #2 -- Unit B

Welcome to our second month of the Summer on the Coast QAL!

This month we are making slightly more complicated blocks -- triangle in a square blocks! Click here to download the Craftsy pattern!

Here's how many units you will need for each size and approximate fabric needed for each part of the block:

Baby: 34 units (7/8 yard for large triangles, 1 yard for small triangles)
Throw: 48 units (1 yard for large triangles, 1 1/8 yard for small triangles)
Twin: 98 units (2 yards for large triangles, 2 1/4 yards for small triangles)

If you want to pre-cut your pieces to help reduce some trim-off waste, my recommendations for cutting is as follows:

Center triangles: cut 7 inch wide strips across your WOF. See below on how to cut your first angle -- you should be able to get 10 triangles per WOF.
Side triangles: cut 7.5 inch by 4.5 inch rectangles -- you will need to cut half of your rectangles from upper right to lower left and cut the other half of your rectangles from upper left to lower right. You will need one of each type of small triangle (left handed, right handed) for each unit.

Note: pre-cutting is NOT necessary if you feel confident in your paper piecing skills! 

To start, fold your triangle-square units along one of the triangle lines.use that fold to trim the same angle across your 7 inch fabric strip. I cut my strip 1/4 inch away from the edge of the paper. This will make it easier to line up your small triangles.

As noted above, you will need to cut both "left handed" and "right handed" half-rectangle triangles. If you layer two rectangles wrong sides together and cut diagonally once, you will have both two sets of triangles.

If desired, pin your fabric strip to the foundation. Line up your first triangle to the pre-cut edge and sew on the line. Press your triangle away from the background strip.

Fold along the opposite triangle line and cut off the excess background fabric strip - don't forget to leave a 1/4 beyond the fold for your seam allowance!

Place your second small triangle along the second angled edge and sew on the foundation line. Press your block.

Make sure that your triangles cover the entirety of the block as indicated by the dashed lines around the block. You may need to increase the size of your half-rectangle triangles if you have trouble with lining up the triangles correctly. When you've made sure that your pieces are lined up, you can trim your block along the dotted lines for a 6.5 inch block (6 inch finished).

Share your finished blocks in the HBD Designs Flickr group! Click here to download the free pattern from Craftsy!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

May is for Makers {Week 1: Marigold Quilt by Pen + Paper}

If you haven't seen others post about it, Lindsey at LR Stitched is hosting/promoting May is for Makers.

May Is For Makers | LRstitched.com
Each week, we are going to buy a pattern from someone -- 5 weeks in May, 5 patterns from 5 designers that get a little boost of support!

Each Monday, I am going to share the pattern that I bought. I will chose each pattern on my own, none of these will be sponsored posts from the designers and I am going to make a concerted effort to pick a pattern from someone that I am not already "quiltfriends" with.

This week, I bought the Marigold Quilt Pattern from Pen + Paper Patterns.

Why I bought this pattern: 

To be perfectly honest, for the last year or so, I have felt relatively unchallenged in my quilt projects. I haven't worked with curves in any serious fashion since I finished my New York Beauty Quilt three years ago. So part of my choices for May is for Makers will be focused on challenging myself with some more difficult quilt patterns.

I think this quilt is just adorable (obviously!) and I definitely see this pattern as a little out of the box for me. I am thinking that I will make this quilt from some of my Bungalow stash.

Another cool thing about this pattern is that you can buy all of the necessary templates (if you don't want to make them yourself) from this Etsy Shop. I am not sure if I would buy templates just for one pattern, but I like that it is available as an option.

As part of May is for Makers, we will be having one Honey, Bunny, and Doll pattern on sale for $5 each week! This week our sale pattern is Beau's Ties:

Are you joining #mayisformakers? What do you look for when pattern shopping?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Month #2 of the Summer on the Coast QAL!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Get {Fire}crackin'

Thanks to some evening baseball games, I have been able to finish up the 100 square units from my wedges for my primary Little Firecrackers quilt. I realized that I could cut my white wedges from 7 inch strips rather than 7.5 inch strips, so I was able to stretch my background fabric all the way to the end for this one. (Still need to order more Moda Bella White for the other one!)

I went ahead and got all of the block units sorted into groups of four that will be sewn into the final blocks. Trying to pull from the seven different block piles randomly would probably just end in disaster. Hopefully I have mixed up the different units enough so that there aren't too many obvious repeats within the quilt!

I also decided to sew together the blocks differently than in the original pattern -- the original pattern has you sew your four units together with the small points in the middle rather than your "burst" in the middle. This way, I'll have less pinning and easing to do when I sew my blocks into rows. It will also hopefully make it easier to arrange blocks since none of the colored fabrics will be touching each other.

One block down, 24 to go!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

HBD Designs: Made by YOU!

One of the most exciting things about being a pattern designer is seeing people make quilts from your designs! Today I wanted to share a few quilts made by you inspired by our patterns!

First, we have Debra's Starburst Quilt. She participated in our original quilt along and here is her finished quilt!

Next we have Jordan's version of Square Pegs. She made an ombre effect quilt!

Finally, I wanted to share a few quilts made by my mom (the Honey of HBD!) who is always willing to play along with our quilt alongs and new patterns! She is the official pattern tester of HBD. :)

First we have her QCQAL quilt from 2014:

Next we have her QCQAL 2 quilt from 2015:

And finally her Spring Splendor quilt -- with a candy pink background!

If you've made a version of one of our patterns, please share it! You can add them as finished projects on our Craftsy page or you can email us pictures at honeybunnyanddoll@gmail.com or littlebunnyquilts@gmail.com!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Little Firecrackers {WIP Wednesday}

While a lot of my time has been recently devoted to my upcoming Moda Bake Shop quilt that I can't show you just yet, I have been working on not one, but two stash/scrap buster quilts using the Firecracker pattern from Fat Quarter Shop. I made a quilt with this pattern last fall for the blog hop, but I thought this would be a good pattern to use up the very large stash of 2.5 inch strips that I have collected over the years.

Instead of using 5 strips per set as in the pattern, I decided to go with 4 strips per set. When I made my original quilt, some of the trimmed blocks ended up with little to none of the fifth strip showing at all, so I decided that I would go ahead and make my blocks all slightly smaller. I was able to cut 15 units out of each strip set so I had to add a half of an extra strip set in addition to the six sets shown above to reach the 100 wedges that I need for the quilt.

Here are all of my wedges for the first quilt:

For both quilts I started with a "focal" fabric that I had four or so strips of, and then pulled additional fabrics to coordinate. I started with a yellow background floral print and pulled reds, grass greens, true blues, and a few other yellows. This one I haven't started making any of the actual blocks yet.

For the other quilt, I also started with a yellow background floral print, but pulled teals, pinks, olives, and oranges to match. This one I started making blocks and trimming them -- however I realized that I didn't have enough background fabric to finish all of the blocks a little too late in the process! I got about half way through and will be going to get some more of the correct white this weekend.

Surprisingly, even using one less strip than the pattern, I only had to cut my squares a half of an inch smaller to accommodate for the change!

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