Saturday, May 23, 2015

Honey, Bunny, and Doll on Moda Bake Shop!

I am so excited to share that Honey, Bunny, and Doll has its FIRST pattern on Moda Bake Shop!

Introducing Pixie Sticks!

Amanda designed this quilt and made it out of True Luck by Stephanie Ryan. The individual blocks are simple -- the orientation vies you this fun interlocking pattern!

We hope that you enjoy the pattern and that you make a version for yourself! Go here to get the tutorial!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pattern Premiere: Dashing to the Chapel

I am SO excited to share that the quilt that the quilt that I helped make as a wedding present for my sister has been made into an AMAZING pattern!

Since it was originally a wedding quilt, we decided to call it "Dashing to the Chapel". The quilt is made up of all churn dashes -- in three different sizes. Some of the large blocks have little bitty 4 inch churn dashes nested inside!

We used the Modern Roses collection to make the quilt and we can't wait to see how you all take it and make it your own! It's perfect for a fat quarter bundle, but a scrappy version would also be amazing!
This pattern is currently on special for only $5 for a short while longer -- get it while it is on sale! You can snap it up on Craftsy or Etsy! Don't forget to pick up your background and backing fabric from us too!

PS. Come back tomorrow because there may or may not be a new FREE HBD quilt design being published!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIP Wednesday: The One With All the HSTs

In the wake of finishing my Lazy Sunday quilt, I thought I might as well start on another queen sized quilt for myself. Sound logic, right?

I actually received this fabric as a birthday gift a long while back (aka before I started this blog!) and spent a long time looking for the right pattern for it.

(I will update this with a better picture when I get home -- this is an old, old picture!)

So rather than being nautical, mine will be a romantic garden quilt. I did realize that the red in the fabric set I had was too true red -- all of the rest of the fabrics have a ruby red/dark pink and so I'm going to go on a search to find something to replace it. I will probably look for another tonal, but I don't think I am going to use it in the "body" of the quilt.

So this is where I am with my progress:

In the effort of trying to be a good wife, I decided that I would do all of the initial cutting and sewing of my HSTs and QSTs this past weekend while my husband was at work and that this week in the evenings I would iron and trim them and not have to interrupt Criminal Minds with the sound of the sewing machine. (Priorities.)

Really, no matter what order I make the HSTs, they all need trimmed and pressed. I was able to cut all of the starting squares for all of my HSTs (almost 200 of them!) and my QSTs and get them sewn into their pairs.

Last night I got the first combination (pink + green florals) cut apart and pressed.

There's 104 HSTs between those two piles! (And for me to trim tonight and tomorrow!) It's funny how the first part of the pile is neatly stacked and then as you get further and further along the pile gets more and more disastrous.

I'm fully intending this to be a longer-term project just so that I can pace myself with all of the HSTs and QSTs. Since this is for me, there's no deadline and so it'll take as long as it takes.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

QCQAL 2: Row 6: Birds in the Air and 6 inch row link-up

It's time for Row #6! This time we are making Birds in the Air blocks. Don't forget to come back and link up pictures of your 6 inch block rows (and your other rows if you haven't done so already!)

Click here to vote for what 4 inch blocks we'll be making in June! Click here to get the dowloadable directions from Craftsy!

Because this block uses an odd number of "parts," this tutorial (unlike the rest in this series) is written to make a pair of Birds in the Air blocks. For a throw sized quilt you will need to make 8 blocks (4 pairs) and for a twin sized quilt you will need to make 12 blocks (6 pairs).

For two blocks, you will need:
One (1) 6 7/8 inch square cut diagonally once (yielding 2 triangles)
Three (3) 3 inch squares for HSTs
Three (3) 3 inch background squares for HSTs
Three (3) 2 7/8 inch background squares cut diagonally once (yielding 6 triangles)

For a throw sized quilt you will need:
Four (4) 6 7/8 inch squares cut diagonally once (yielding 8 triangles)
Twelve (12) 3 inch squares for HSTs
Twelve (12) 3 inch background squares for HSTs
Twelve (12) 2 7/8 inch background squares cut diagonally once (yielding 24 triangles)

For a twin sized quilt you will need:
Six (6) 6 7/8 inch squares cut diagonally once (yielding 12 triangles)
Eighteen (18) 3 inch squares for HSTs
Eighteen (18) 3 inch background squares for HSTs
Eighteen (18) 2 7/8 inch background squares cut diagonally once (yielding 36 triangles)

Using your 3 inch squares, make HSTs pairing together your focus and your background fabrics. Trim to 2.5 inches. For each pair of blocks you will make 6 HSTs -- 3 HSTs for each block.

Lay out your block as shown below.

Sew together your small triangles and HSTs together to form a larger triangle unit. I found it easiest to sew the three HSTs and the center triangle together like a four-patch and then to sew the other two triangles on. Remember to watch your triangle and HST orientation and to trim off your dog ears as you go!

Sew your large triangle to your HST/triangle unit to finish your block.

I made my blocks in three different colors -- four in each color. Here are all 12 of my blocks.

(Note: for those of you making twin sized quilts, you do not need to make a third 6" row -- you only need two!)

Link up your 6" block rows!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lazy Sundays Quilt -- Blogger's Quilt Festival

I really need to keep better track of my projects' statuses because this baby has been sitting quilted for months in our apartment and it only needed the binding put on it! Embarassing! Based on the last time I posted about this quilt, it looks like I finished the quilt last January, sent it to the long arm quilter with my mom one of the times she visited in May or June last year, and she brought it back to me when she came in November for Thanksgiving and has been sitting in my sewing space just waiting for me since then. Alison, get your life together!

I'm also sharing this quilt as a part of the spring Blogger's Quilt Festival in the Large Quilt Category!

Anyways, while my mom was here visiting, I was able to get this baby bound and put on our bed! Without further ado...

This quilt came from one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts in Quiltmaker magazine with some modifications. This was a twin sized pattern and I added extra wide borders on two sides to make it more square for a queen sized bed. Here are all of the previous posts on this quilt.

100% of the fabric used for piecing the blocks came from my stash! The periwinkle print is Basic Grey but I couldn't tell you the line, the pink print is from the Somersault line, and the peach background is from the City Girl line. The rest I have no idea! Everything was pulled to work with the periwinkle print which I had three yards of!

The binding is a smaller scale flora Moda print (don't know the line off the top of my head) that I had originally bought as a backing for another quilt but wasn't big enough for that project. This is the first large quilt that I've bound completely by machine! The last large quilt I finished was my argyle quilt, but I hand finished the binding for that one.

The quilting is a scroll-type pantograph design that is called "fleur de lis" -- to me it doesn't look like a fleur de lis but whatever. It looks like curly clouds to me. The backing is extra wide off white backing fabric and hopefully you can see the quilting a little clearer on the back than on the front.

This quilt has already taken up residence on my bed! It's a good feeling to make a "stash quilt" where the only things specifically purchased for this project were the batting and the backing!

Name: Lazy Sunday
Size: 95 inches square
Fabrics: noted above, all from my stash other than the backing
Quilting: pantograph fleur de lis
Started: August 2013
Finished: May 2015
Category: Large Quilts