Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Solstice QAL {Cutting}

This summer I am participating in Melissa at Happy Quilting's Summer Solstice QAL! This is the first time doing one of her quilt alongs after following them for what has to be years!

I am planning to do the 2x2 quilt with 24 inch blocks which makes a 54 inch quilt. Here is my fabric pull:

I won these fabrics over three years ago, so it was probably time to put them to good use. They are from the Botanica line from Timeless Treasures. The fuchsia marble is my background, I am going to use the green marble for my inner stars (the yellow in the diagram), the large black floral will the be "surround" (red in the diagram) and the white will be my outer stars (orange in the diagram). I'm planning to use the smaller floral for my binding and potentially some of my sashing.

I got everything all cut this weekend and ready for the next set of directions!

I am very excited to see how this all turns out! Hopefully I hoarded these fabrics for the perfect project. :)

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reversible Summer Tablerunner

My mom was here this weekend visiting and while she was here, I went through my pile of abandoned quilt blocks and sorted out a few for her to donate to a guild that makes charity quilts. I also pulled out a few blocks for myself to work on and try to finish.

One of these abandoned projects was started from the triangle cut offs from a Stash Bee block that I made in 2013. Yes, 2013. The blocks are here, the start of the pinwheels are here,  and I guess that's the last time I posted about this project. I actually took my pinwheels and put them together with some solid aqua Kona and made a table runner top and then the project was put in the abandoned project box for almost three years.

Since it was a little on the small side for a table runner, I added some red borders. I found some patriotic fabric in my stash to use as the backing, quilted it, and bound it with some red striped fabric.

This was such a quick and easy afternoon finish! I quilted it with loops and stars to give it more of a patriotic flair.

The backing fabric is VERY busy but on its own as a "wholecloth" style table runner, I think it works well. I have used this fabric in things before, but usually in rather small pieces.

It's good to have a finish and something new to put on the table!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Now on Moda Bake Shop: Ribbon Candy!

While I didn't "help" with this quilt, I am excited to share that my sister Amanda has another pattern on Moda Bake Shop today! Introducing Ribbon Candy!

This quilt uses two jelly rolls and some yardage for the background, border, and backing. She used Basic Grey's new Christmas line Juniper Berry which is SO adorable!

While the piecing is not complicated in this quilt -- it is mainly stitch and flip squares and rectangles -- the main thing is keeping all of your colors arranged to have your ribbons in the right order.

Here's a close up of the block!

Hop on over to Moda Bake Shop to check it out!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Aquamarine {RSC 2016}

Today I only have one block to share, but it's a good one! I made one of my two blue birthstone blocks this week -- my March Aquamarine.

There are a few patches that are a little on the dark side, but I am extremely happy with it in the grand scheme of things. This week I hope to get my true blue sapphire done so that I'll have eight of my twelve birthstone blocks done!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Alison's Soapbox {Plagiarism}

This post is about jerks.

While we have been thoroughly reminded that the world is full of mean jerks lately, unfortunately there are also jerks lurking in our quilting community.

About a month ago, when I was Pinterest-ing before bed, I clicked on a post bearing resemblance to a pattern that I both own and have made and got sent over to a blog I had never been to before. I was taken aback because this person was purporting this to be their original design and had made their version (identical to the original) of the pattern available for free on their site. Knowing that it was far to late to try to fight copyright infringement and plagiarism at 11 PM in my pajamas, I liked the post on Pinterest as a mental note to follow up on it.

Of course I forgot about it until Friday last week.

When I finally got back to investigating, I looked through the entire blog and realized that many of the free patterns posted by this person were outright copies of patterns by designers that I recognized. Just based on patterns that I recognized I found five instances of plagiarism in this person's blog -- four of which took for-purchase patterns and made their own free versions of the pattern.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

I emailed each pattern designer with the link to the blog post of the copied version of their pattern and all of the posts containing the copied patterns have since been taken down and removed from the blogger's website. One designer told me this person was rude and wouldn't apologize and one designer's business manager told me that they recognized additional patterns taken from another designer and passed on the website to them.

Side note: these aren't little pattern designers like myself either, we're talking people I would consider "big time" designers and bloggers who have fabric lines, books, you name it. I'm hugely surprised people didn't notice that the blogger in question was copying patterns before now because some of the posts in question were over a year old. This could be a function of this person being a relatively new blogger with a relatively small following but it's probably also related to the fact that people are jerks and like getting things for free.

Ready for the kicker?

This person, who has made a name for themselves by copying others, is going to be featured in not one, not two, BUT SEVEN upcoming quilt magazine issues.

Needless to say, this grinds my gears.

I've put in complaints via the customer service emails for each of the magazines or publishers that this blogger has said will be publishing their patterns.

But really, what else can be done? This person has gotten their "in" as a pattern designer with major magazines and they will likely not suffer any consequences. Magazines work months ahead of schedule and likely some of these issues are already printed.

This post is more of a vent than anything else since I don't feel like it is appropriate to start a witch hunt by sharing this person's name and blog because they have actually removed all of the posts as requested by the designers even if they have been plagiarizing with reckless abandon.

So I leave you with this thought: the quilting community is amazing 99% of the time. This 1% of jerks can't be allowed to succeed -- this is why things like May is for Makers is so important. If you see something that just isn't right, don't be afraid to say something.

Update 6-16-16 9 AM: I actually received a response from an editor at one of the magazines in question that they will be cutting ties with this person and will be removed from consideration from any future issues. Unfortunately with the way that the magazine process works, they may or may not be able to pull some of the patterns out of the fall issues, which is disappointing.