Friday, December 14, 2018

Good Fortune {Clue #3}

It's time for another Good Fortune update! For clue #3, we are making two units from our green fabric -- units that Bonnie calls "half chevrons" and half square triangles that can be made as bonus triangles!

For my green fabric, instead of pulling from my green scrap pile, I pulled a single green fabric. This fabric was used in the piecing of and as the backing of my "Green in Bloom" quilt last year. I have large chunks of this fabric left over -- I'm guessing I have a little under a yard in scraps which should be more than enough for a half-sized version of Good Fortune. (This is the best picture I can grab of the green fabric!)

Bonnie lists multiple ways to make both of the units -- I decided to test out the method to make the chevron units and then use the "bonus triangles" for the smaller HSTs. I am not usually a fan of the stitch and flip method because it can waste a lot of fabric but this method puts the scraps to work!

I found I didn't need to mark two lines for the seams -- if I marked the diagonal for the first, and used my foot as a guide, my HSTs came out just about perfect, with the exception of just a few! 

By Monday, I was about two-thirds of the way complete with my units. Sewing progress in the evenings is rare and slow for me this time of year so I was worried that I wouldn't get finished before the Clue #4 came out today. However, I did finish Clue #3 last night -- just under the wire!

Even with making half as many units as Bonnie's directions, this clue took a long time for me! However, once I figured out my correct seam allowances, I only ended up with four HSTs that were slightly too small. If I need more in the final layout of my quilt, I will make more units then, but for now, I will continue to shoot for half-ish of Bonnie's directions.

Happy Friday! I'm hoping that Clue #4 (which just came out!) is just as quick and easy as I imagine it to be! I have a pile of secret sewing to sew (and HSTs to trim!) this weekend, so hopefully both will go quickly and without incident.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Crosscut Table Runner {Whimsical and Wonky}

As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics to use and share with you!

While I still might not be done with Clue #3 for Good Fortune (and Clue #4 comes out tomorrow!), I did finish up my Island Batik Ambassador project for December! In my last post, I shared about how I used the Crosscut technique from A Quilter's Table to make the top of this table runner!

I quilted my table runner with grey Aurifil thread in both the top and the bobbin, and it looks great against the different shades of blue! I also used the blue dot fabric for the backing.

For the binding, I used a navy blue swirl batik. I had a fat quarter, so I used nearly all of it for this binding! I was fortunate that despite having more binding seams than normal, I didn't end up with any too close to the corners!

While the lighting isn't 100% ideal in this photo, it does show off my bear claw quilting! This is a motif I haven't worked with a lot and I had a little bit of trouble keeping my claw sizes consistent but was good practice on a small piece like this.

And just for fun -- a quilts in the wild sighting! Our Christmas tree at work was lacking a tree skirt, so I brought in my Sparkle Tree Skirt. This tree skirt is too small for my tree at home, so I wasn't using it, and it is the perfect size for our tree at work!

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Jolly Bar Meringue {New Shortcut Quilt with Fat Quarter Shop!}

Today I am so excited to finally show off this quilt that's been waiting patiently to be premiered!

This is my version of the Fat Quarter Shop's newest shortcut quilt pattern and kit -- Jolly Bar Meringue!

For my version, I picked a Jolly Bar of Sweet Marion by April Rosenthal and used off-white Moda Bella for my background. I've never made this many half-rectangle triangles before (or really ever) so this was a new adventure for me!

It was surprisingly easy to make these units (hooray!) and after making all of my HRTs, I decided that I wanted to put my own "spin" on this quilt -- literally!

Instead of laying out the units in pairs, I decided to arrange my colors into pinwheels!

I just love the combination of florals and geometric prints in this collection!

This was one of my projects from when I went on quilt retreat all the way back in August! The top was finished while I was there.

For the backing and binding, I used a tassel print that I found on sale. You might have seen this fabric featured when I did my "pattern matching for invisible seams" tutorial!

The quilting is one of my go-to motifs -- a meander with daisies. For this quilt, I actually hand stitched the binding to the back.

Check out the free pattern here, the corresponding video here, the Jolly Jabber blog post here, and kit here!

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Quilt Stats:
Name: Jolly Bar Meringue
Pattern: Jolly Bar Meringue from the FQS
Fabrics: Sweet Marion + off white Moda Bella
Quilting: flower meander
Size: 48" square
Started: August 2018
Finished: September 2018

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Baseball Baby Quilts {Applique Bonanza}

Since last I posted about the progress on my baseball baby quilts, I made some creative decisions about what to do for the applique section of the quilts. It also helps that I now know the names!

My final decision was to add just the name to each quilt. With the names being longer, I decided to simplify the applique section. I created my own alphabet templates for this project simply by making a font extremely large in Word (one page per letter!). The tracing was done with the help of the afternoon sun in my bathroom window and I did all of the ironing and trimming while my husband and I listened to Christmas music in the evening last week.

Since the quilt itself has black in the prints, I decided to do the letters in black solid. (I had plenty of navy in my stash but no black so I got a little delayed with that!)

For each quilt, I laid out the letters and approximated the middle of each name; I started adding letters from the middle out (definitely testing my spelling skills) until each letter was added. I probably could have made the letters slightly smaller -- I sort of underestimated how wide these would be!

Then came the machine applique of each letter. This font was a good choice because the letters are simple lines and curves and the corners are nice and sharp!

I used black thread and did a simple small zig-zag stitch around the letters. In a world with unlimited time and thread, I might have outlined one with red and one with blue satin stitching but I really want to get these to the recipients before Christmas. It's rather hard to pick out the stitching with black thread on black fabric, but trust me -- it's there!

Now to decide on backing and start quilting. I plan to use the same backing for both and also plan to use the same quilting motif for both (currently my plan is a meander with stars). One will have a blue binding and one will have a yellow binding. Keeping many of the design elements simple makes it much easier to accomplish two quilts in the time of one -- literally!

Don't forget to enter to win a set of 2.5" Island Batik strips in this post!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Whimsical and Wonky {December IBA Challenge + Giveaway}

As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics to use and share with you!

This month's Island Batik Ambassador theme is Whimsical and Wonky! I decided that this month I would try a technique that's been on my pin board for a long while -- the crosscut block technique from A Quilter's Table! I decided that I would use this technique to make a table runner with the leftover London Fog fabrics I have.

For my base blocks, I used 10.5" squares and 1.25" strips for the "cross" part of the blocks.

I wasn't overly precise with my cutting and sewing but I wasn't necessarily intentionally wonky in making my starting X blocks. Here are my untrimmed blocks before they were sewn together.

I trimmed each block to 10" and sewed the nine blocks together. A few of these blocks were cut with a little "wonk" to give the intersections a little more interest.

Next came the fun part -- cutting the original "top" into 6.5" squares! I picked 6.5" squares because I have a 6.5" ruler and that made it easier than trying to cut smaller or larger sizes. From my "top" I was able to cut 18 6.5" squares -- I had to sew a few large leftover pieces together for the last couple 6.5" blocks.

With 18 blocks, my table runner is 6 blocks long and 3 blocks wide, or 36" x 18".

Now to decide how to quilt and bind this abstract beauty!

And since I haven't done a giveaway in a while -- there's one today!

Today's giveaway is the remainder of my London Fog strip pack -- 24 strips in total! There are one of some patterns and two of others.

Comments for entries, up to two entries per person:
1. Leave one comment telling me what your favorite thing to sew with 2.5" strips
2. Leave a second comment if you follow me in some form or fashion: Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other way you choose to follow!

Giveaway will close on December 11th (Tuesday) at midnight!

Update: our winner is Mary from Texas!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Good Fortune {Clue #2}

Much like last week, I was able to get my entire clue done over the weekend -- hooray!

This week for the Good Fortune mystery quilt, we are making small HSTs. Even though I am shooting for a half sized version, I still had to make a LOT of HSTs!

On Friday night, I did all of the cutting. About half were made from the two-at-a-time HST method (which I prefer) and about half were made with the "Bonnie" method to better utilize some of my scraps.

Saturday morning I did the sewing, and between Saturday evening and Sunday evening I did all of the trimming.

I ended up using nine different blues -- some more popular than others! A few fabrics were only used to make two HSTs in this step -- others were used to make dozens!

(And yes, I realize that the third row has some of the HSTs twisted about -- I didn't realize it until I had already stacked and counted and bagged all of my HST piles and wasn't about to try to redo this picture!

I pulled out a few of my Clue #1 four patches to look at the units together. The quilt could really become anything at this point -- with only four patches and HSTs, the possibilities are endless!

And of course -- a rundown of some of the fabric origins! A few fabrics are actually from long-ago swaps, from my Frame of Mind MBS quilt, my Favorite Frames MBS quilt, the border of my Drift Away quilt, and the backing of my Starburst quilt!

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Brutal Honesty {December 2018}

I did quite a bit of sewing and finishing in November! Working on my scrappy table runners and placemats for the church craft table made a nice dent in some of my scrap piles (and a very nice dent in my batting scraps!). However, I still need to think about clearing things out with our move coming in January.

Quilting done, need to bind:
1. Blocked Rainbow Quilt -- I'm working on prepping the binding -- this should be finished in the next week!

Sent out for quilting:
2. Drift Away Scrap Quilt -- I added the border in November and this will likely be long arm quilted.

3. The Border Quilt QAL: I added the last round of blocks in November and this will be a throw-ish sized quilt. My mom actually has already finished the quilting on this and I should get it back later this month.

Completed tops:
4. Magnolia Mystery QAL -- No progress
5. Breezy Blooms C2C Bee -- No progress
6. Double Delight -- The top is now complete! Now to decide how this will be quilted.

Tops partially finished:
7. Bonnie and Camille C2C Bee Quilt -- No progress
8. Romantic Garden Quilt -- No progress
9. Monthly Wall Hangings -- No progress
10. Pineapple Stash Bee Blocks -- No progress
11. Baseball Baby Quilts -- The tops are done, I need to add the applique sections.

Just blocks and units:
12. Sew Kitschy Blocks -- No progress
13. Cubicle Quilts -- No progress
14. Happy Houses blocks -- No progress
15. Birthstone blocks -- No progress
16. Radiant Jewel Quilt -- No progress

Quilt alongs and long term projects:
17. Monthly Island Batik Ambassador projects -- Our November theme was Log Cabin blocks and I made a quarter log cabin quilt. Our theme for December is "whimsical and wonky!"

New projects:
18. Good Fortune Mystery Quilt -- I am all done with Clue #1 and Clue #2 was released yesterday. My color scheme is similar to Bonnie's but I have swapped out orange for aqua.

I have yet to make any decisions about my December Island Batik project, but that needs to get done before I go out of town for Christmas. The baseball baby quilts need to be done as soon as possible. A few of the other projects should be easy to finish or, at least, push along to the next stage.

If you or someone you love is interested in purchasing a quilt that you've seen on Little Bunny Quilts, please email me ( because I am willing to part with many of the quilts I have made in the last two years. It is not cost-effective for me to list everything that I'm willing to sell on Etsy with their current listing fee structure. Click on the "Finished Quilts" tab above to see finished items.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Donuts {Finished Quilt}

Writing about this quilt makes me hungry! I took this quilt top with me to Michigan in August and my mom did some simple meandering on her mid-arm. It's so nice to have this finished!

The grey thread that my mom used has a slight variegation to it which gives another fun dimension to this quilt!

I love looking at this quilt and thinking about where some of the scraps originated! The fish print in the dusty blue block below came from a scrap bag I bought on vacation in Amish country last October.

For the backing, I picked a teal dot extra wide backing fabric. My mom also trimmed the quilt and bound it for me using the same backing fabric.

It's nice to have a few quilts with a slightly more manly feel to them!

And unlike Wednesday when I was fighting the wind with my Quarter Cabin quilt, the weather was cooperative today and I wasn't worried about my quilt blowing away!

Once again, a huge thank you goes to Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts for including this amazing quilt in your book! I am so happy to have another quilt finished for this year!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Sea Glass Donuts
Pattern: Donuts (the size of your head!) from No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg
Size: 90" x 66"
Fabrics: Scraps and Kona Shadow
Quilting: Meandering by my mom
Started: November 2017
Finished: November 2018

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Quarter Cabins {Finished Quilt}

With just a little time to spare, my November Island Batik Ambassador project is finished!

This quilt top ended up being a little over 50" square, so it was the perfect size to try out the Hobbs Wool batting that came in my summer IB Ambassador goody box!

Here's the jewel-toned beauty -- I had to fight some nasty wind to get these pictures today!

As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics to use and share with you, as well as thread and batting samples!

This was my first time quilting with a batting that is 100% wool. The fluffiness intimidated me a little bit! I decided that it would be best to do a medium scale meander for this quilt -- a motif with which I have a lot of confidence! I used a grey Aurifil thread to do the quilting and purchased some grey flannel for the backing.

One thing I will say about this batting -- I'm not sure if I can attribute it entirely to the content, batting size, or the way that the batting is folded (not rolled!) -- the folds in the batting smoothed out much quicker than the typical cotton or cotton-poly blend. It gives this quilt a beautiful "puff" too!

I bound this quilt completely by machine using the purple checkerboard fabric. I used a purple Aurifil thread to do the final topstitching.

Now the quilt is finished and (probably) ready to be gifted! I have a number of people that will be receiving quilts for Christmas, but I need to decide who gets which quilt!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Quarter Cabins
Size: 51" square
Fabrics: Spirit Rhythm collection from IB plus checkerboard fabrics for setting triangles and binding
Quilting: simple meander in grey Aurifil
Future: Gift quilt!

Started: October 2018
Finished: November 2018

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Fortune {Clue #1} + Double Delight {Finished Top}

Despite the fact that I had to work on Black Friday (boo!) I was able to take a half day, complete a bunch of errands, and get all of the sewing done on Clue #1 for the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt!

For this clue we eased ourselves in a little bit with simple four patches made with our background fabric and our red fabric -- since the only color I changed was replacing orange with aqua, nearly all of my units will be the same as Bonnie's examples.

I used approximately 16 different red fabrics for these four patches, some of them are technically Christmas fabrics but for the most part they are small enough that it won't be entirely obvious. I also used two red patriotic fabrics that were left over from my Uncle Sam wall hanging all the way back in 2013! There are also fabrics from my Christmas Twirls MBS quilt, my Blitzen Basketcase quilt, the tree skirt that I made for my mother-in-law, my Jingle Bell Rock MBS quilt, and a few projects that I've done with Benartex for their Sew in Love with Fabric blog!

For now, I am still planning to use just one background fabric. If there comes a clue where I find that it would be helpful to have multiple background fabrics, I might add in one or two for just those clues but keep my ditsy dot as my main background.

Since I was able to get Clue #1 finished before I even went out for groceries on Saturday, I decided that it was high time to finally put the borders on my Double Delight quilt! I had finished the rest of the top all the way back in June and picked out the border fabric in October and even cut the borders for this quilt when I cut the borders for my Drift Away quilt! Double Delight is an older mystery quilt pattern on Bonnie's site.

As you might be able to tell in the photos, my side borders are skinnier than my top and bottom borders. This way the quilt had a little more length since I tend to make mostly twin-sized and queen-sized quilts when I go big, rather than full-sized quilts. My quilt is now a lovely twin sized at 70" x 88".

The border fabric came from the clearance at my LQS -- it's a Downton Abbey print from 2014, but it has the perfect shades of red, pink, and a tiny bit of chartreuse!

This quilt is now ready for quilting. This might be one that I send out to have a lovely large pantograph done on it to keep the tiny piecing front and center!

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