Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Swag and Goals

I forgot to put pictures up of the fabric I bought yesterday. And then I went and bought more fabric (and three new sweaters!!!!!!) today.

I got these fabrics from the quilt store; the red is Hoffman Winter Magic and the snowflake is Hoffman Wrap It Up (this is the only time I ever look at or care about what the fabric is or where it came from.)

Today at Joann, we found some fun remnants:

The middle fabric is the same fabric that I used for the back of my Stairsteps to Paradise quilt, that I am going to try to use to back the placemats.

I also found these brights on clearance: well as these pretty silver blues:

Someday, I am going to make a wine and silver blue arrow quilt. I have been trying my hardest to design a simple arrow block, but I am having a heck of a time with it. Suggestions and directions would be helpful!

I also got my fabric wrapped canvas up on the wall.

So I'm also going to start posting one goal a week on my Sunday/Monday post to hold me accountable. So send me angry comments if it's Saturday and I haven't updated my goal progress.

This week I would like to cut the backs for the placemats as well as battings, get them layered and attempt some simple line machine quilting. My uber goal of the week would be to get all that done as well as to sew on the binding and finish the binding by hand. My uber uber goal of the week would be to do all that as well as to start on the second set of placemats.

What are your goals for the week?? Did you get anything exciting done this weekend???

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Playing catch-up

I have been reunited with my camera charger, so I finally have pictures to post about what I am working on currently. Most of that being today.

I've been working on making some placemats from the scraps left over from my Stairsteps to Paradise jelly roll quilt. I'm planning on putting together a tutorial once they are finished, so that's exciting fo' sure! Check things out so far:

The sashings for the snowflakes are pinned for the first side. They need to be sewn and pressed and then the second side added. And then I have to figure out how to lay them all out so that similar colors aren't too close to one another. But these have been pinned for almost a week and I haven't touched them. Fail.

I haven't touched my scrappy X's and O's quilt in ages. There are only X's and no O's at this point. I'm still searching for the perfect sashing fabric for this one. Ok. So that's kind of a lie. I haven't thought about it in ages so I didn't even think about it the last time I went to the store. Or the time before that.

We also managed to get a few jelly rolls and a two yard pack on s-a-l-e!

Over the summer, I had bought a yard of fabric and a canvas to staple it to for art for my living room. I just got staples for my borrowed staple gun. My dad helped me to staple the fabric and ribbon to the canvas and here is the finished project!

Now I just need to attach some hardware so I can hang it on the wall! Such a good feeling of accomplishment...and such an easy thing to put together! (Also, the ribbon is woven, which is also pretty easy.)

So, have a wonderful rest of your Halloween weekend! Happy stitching!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teacup Quilt

So I located my camera charger. 

IN MARYLAND. Plugged into the wall exactly where I left it when I went down a few weeks ago for the Navy-Air Force game.

So until I get it back (hopefully Monday) no new sewing pictures. Sigh.

But I figured I would take the chance and show off my second quilt (the first one that was ever finished!), my teacup quilt (pattern from either Say It With Quilts or Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!, can't remember which)

The fabric for all of the teacups and saucers (well, 95% of them) came out of my mom's scrap bin. A number of them are fussy-cut to show off the fabric (like the cream and brown duck cup in the second to bottom row). There is one of Easter egg fabric, ones with snowmen, 1930s style florals, batiks, plaids, polka dots, and each one is of a different fabric.

This was my first foray into applique -- the handles are all hand appliqued on. The border fabric was also fussy cut to show off the full pattern on all of the sides. I love this fabric so much, I had matching sorority letters made for myself and my younger sister out of this fabric.

Aren't we ten kinds of adorable? She's on the left and I'm on the right. She's my favorite. (Also. Why am I not doing the "skinny girl arm pose" like she is? Alison, get it together!)

 Maybe the next time I am home I will take pictures of some of my favorite teacups and post a few of them. It is a SUPER easy block to make and a great scrap project that's a little on the classy side.

So have a happy Saturday night. I have to finish eating dinner (mmmm stir fry) and go to Walmart (while the PSU-Northwestern game is on -- because the stores are DEAD during games, even when the game is out of town). Pictures soon, hopefully.

That is, provided I actually turn the sewing machine on.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new love: Magnolia

I spent the afternoon yesterday warming up by setting up my NEW sewing machine. This thing is nifty beyond belief. I'm going to have to undertake projects to use all of its features.

I actually took a whole bunch of pictures of close up of the machine and my quarter inch foot (with fabric guide--what what!) but then I realized how dorky that was. I will save them on my computer, but I will spare you the time of looking at them.

So I am now working on finishing the top of my snowflake quilt. Next up: sashing the blocks together. Here are all my blocks laid out:

Oooooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Cue my happy dance. Here are the sashing pieces that were the first thing I sewed on my new machine!

So have a happy Sunday. Rest, recharge, and of course, refill your bobbins.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Winnings!

Here are pictures of all of the fabrics in the charm pack that I won from Lavender Quilts. The packaging made me smile (and so did the chocolate.)

Gorgeous, huh? This makes me want to start on a Civil War quilt for The Historian. Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt Block of the Week Blog might be what I end up doing, but I have also been learning about and looking into the Dear Jane quilt as well. We shall see.

This is the other part of my life that is a major win right now:


My mom surprised me with it when she came this weekend and I am going to work on setting it up tonight/tomorrow. The box is lighter than my old machine with its case attached so its a good sign.

But that's all new on the sewing front. Once the new machine gets set up I will get to setting and sashing the snowflake blocks. Then I'll have to see how big it is and all that to see what kind of borders will be happening with this thing. Although, I'm very tempted to find a little bit more dark blue fabric and make some more blocks. I'll just have to lay it all out on the floor and stare at it for a while. Maybe a quilt with snowflakes is better as a wall hanging or throw just because its so seasonal. Or I could do some fancy schmancy borders on it. How exciting would that be? Yeah. Let's go with that as "the plan" for the next 6 hours.

Also. I have decided that the next quilt project will be the Quiltmaker Mystery Quilt from this past summer/fall. So what if it's not a mystery to me... And as a reminder these are the fabrics I am planning to use:

Super pumped. What are your new sewing/decorating/life projects you are undertaking??

PS. The baby quilt still is on my kitchen table. It will be sent tomorrow, I promise.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend (thus far) update!

My mom and I have been SO PRODUCTIVE. I have made decisions on all of my projects I talked about on Friday. 

The Stairstep Quilt has a backing and this is it:

This picture shows the seam in it. So what. There isn't going to be a border on it either. So there.

I also got a backing for and cut the batting for the Cheery quilt. I decided to keep the roses border because the other fabric just wasn't bright enough. Here is the backing for this one:

But most importantly. I completely FINISHED the baby quilt.

The backing is red super-soft flannel and the binding is the yellow stripe that is the same as the binding and backing of this one. I stitched my initials and the year on the back in the corner. So very, very soon this will be sent off to and be enjoyed by a new little one. I am very happy with the way that this one turned out and the idea of making baby quilts for people as they start popping out babies. I'm 23, so its pretty much guaranteed that I'll know lots of people having babies for the next 15 years. Quilt win.

Mom has been cutting like a madwoman to prepare for her upcoming quilt retreat. She is working on this black and red one from Quiltmaker. Here are some of her cut stacks and fabrics:

I can't wait to see how it ends up.

So for the rest of the day, I am going to work on my snowflakes and perhaps start cutting on a new project. Perhaps. But which? We'll see how the day goes. There's always this voice in the back of my mind saying "peeeeriiiooooodiiiiiic taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable". I'm such a chemist.

But what a feeling of accomplishment to have the baby quilt completely ready to go to its new home, and two others ready to be sent to the machine quilter! Yay! I also learned how to use the walking foot. Win.

Hope your weekends are also full of win!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogtoberfest! (and snowflake blocks)

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

So I decided to participate in this "Blogtoberfest" thing. It's a blogfest. And its in October. Thus, Blogtoberfest.

To celebrate Blogtoberfest, one is supposed to post EVERY DAY. Now, I think its a stellar blogging week when I get out more than two posts, so posting every day might be a stretch, but we're gonna go for it anyways. And the fact that today is the 4th. Not the 1st.

So welcome to my little blogging bunny den AKA Little Bunny Quilts.

Yesterday I was able to put together four more Snowflake blocks while watching the new Prohibition documentary on PBS and the new season of House.  Here they are:

I think that the one in the upper left corner with the stripes is my favorite.

I am also (surprisingly) whittling down some of those blue scraps! I'm not sure how many more snowflakes will be made at this point because I've used up almost all of the dark blue fabric from the original stash. Decisions, decisions.