Monday, March 18, 2019

Daisy Chain QAL {Unit B}

Ready to do more sewing?

This week we are making four patches that have one background square and three coordinating fabric squares. These units can be as scrappy or as controlled as your heart desires!

Baby quilt note: You will not need the entire length of the WOF strips to make your scrappy four patches since you’ll only need to make 4 of them. 10” long strips are long enough for this step.

Choose (1*/1/2/2) 2.5” x WOF fabric strip of any color (I) and pair with a 2.5” x WOF background strip (E). Sew along the length of each strip set; press toward colored fabric. Subcut the strip sets as follows. If you have part of Week 2’s strip set left over, use that first to cut your units!
Baby: subcut 4 units
            Throw: subcut 12 units
            Twin: subcut 24 units
            Queen: subcut 32 units

Choose (2*/2/4/4) 2.5” x WOF fabric strips (I) of colors that contrast with the fabric you used in the step above. Pair the fabric strips together, sew along the length of each strip set; press as desired. Subcut the strip sets as follows. Save remaining strip set “stubs” of your focal/focal fabric strip sets for Week 5.
            Baby: subcut 4 units
            Throw: subcut 12 units
            Twin: subcut 24 units
            Queen: subcut 32 units

Pair one background/colored fabric two patch with a colored/colored fabric two patch to make your scrappy four patch units.
Baby: make 4 four patches
            Throw: make 12 four patches
            Twin: make 24 four patches
            Queen: make 32 four patches

Scrappy version: Make the desired number of four patches from 2.5” squares. These four patches can be as scrappy as you desire and there’s no need for coordinating color tones for these units as long as the fabrics contrast with the background fabric.

For my baby sized quilt, I used the "stub" from week 1 to make the colored/background half of my four patches. Here are both piles of four patches together:

For my second quilt, I pulled six 2.5" strips from my strip pack of Flea Market to make enough four patches for my twin sized version. Since I need 24 total four patches for the twin sized version, I made 12 each of my two different four patch "colorways". I will use the "stubs" of these strip sets in Week #5. (Hint hint!)

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  1. Awesome. I hope to have mine done and posted later today.

  2. Both sets of 4-patches turned out beautifully. This has been a fun and easy paced mystery. I'm ready for clue 3.

  3. I still have no idea where this mystery is headed! Thanks for a fun so along.


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