Thursday, December 27, 2018

Highlights {Best of 2018}

It's the end of the year -- so that means it's time for the best of 2018!

Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs hosts this party every year and it is so fun to see what people like to highlight from the year. Check out my post from last year! I decided to keep my "categories" similar to the ones that I used last year.

1. Most popular post: On Ringo Lake Finished Quilt
All of my blog posts (and IG posts) about my Bonnie Hunter projects are *very* popular!

2. Most comments on a non-giveaway post: Pinwheel Plus Baby Quilt
I made this quilt as part of the Modern Plus Sign Quilts blog hop! 

3. Favorite Island Batik Ambassador project: 30 Pearls
This ranks among my favorite projects *ever* because I designed and made this quilt just for me.

4. Favorite new Honey, Bunny, and Doll pattern: Twinkle
I designed this quilt for an Island Batik blog hop and also made a baby sized version.

5. Favorite WIP Finish: Pansy Garden
This top was started in 2016 as part of a traveling quilt bee and finished this year.

I'll have my full run-down of 2018 finishes posted on New Year's Eve! I also have two more posts that I need to squeeze in between now and Monday on my last two finishes of 2018 -- hopefully one will be posted tomorrow and one on Saturday!

Make sure to visit all of the other "Best of" posts at Cheryl's link up!


  1. Thirty Pearls is one of my most favorite quilts of yours! Glad to see it made your Best of 2018 post. It really is a beautiful design!

  2. You had a great year! It's been so much fun reading your blog! Happy New Year!

  3. All so pretty. I really love your Twinkle pattern and quilts. What a great year.

  4. How fun to revisit some of your quilty favorites! Here's hoping that 2019 will bring you more beautiful finishes :)

  5. What a great recap of your year; these reflections back are so much fun. I'm glad you made something so special just for you this year!

  6. It really was a busy year for you! I remember thinking the baby twinkle was really cute and wouldn't take too long - I usually don't get much notice for a baby quilt! Thanks for sharing your favorites. I liked that Pearls IB quilt, too, and I'm glad you kept it.

  7. Beautiful quilts Alison! I remember the Island Batik one you made!

  8. These are all great! I really like the pearls, too, though I do have a soft spot for stars. Here's to a very successful 2019!

  9. You've finished some gorgeous quilts this year. Looking forward to seeing what ends up as favorites from next year.

  10. Great finishes form 2018! Thanks for linking up and being part of my book hop!

  11. What a terrific year! I do love your "personal" Island Batik quilt as well as Twinkle. But the baby plus quilt is also adorable. Here's to a succesful new year!

  12. Great year Alison. You remind me that I need to get my Bonnie Hunter quilt out and get that finished...right after I get on your Blocked Rainbow quilt that is all cut out and ready to go. Looking forward to what 2019 has in store for you! :-)


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