Friday, March 15, 2013

Finished Cartwheel Quilt

This one is all finished and has been hand delivered to the expectant parents who LOVE it! Hooray!

Thanks to Park Ranger Fiance for modeling it for me the other day to take pictures!

Fabrics: White Kona and various fat quarters/half yards from my stash (will try to update this later!)
Backing: buttery yellow flannel from Joann
Quilting: Tied with fluffy white yarn
Techniques: Paper piecing, hand binding
Size: 44" x 58" 
Made for: Baby Girl H, due in late spring!

Linking up with Finish it Up Friday now and will link up this as my March finish for the Lovely Year of Finishes!


  1. So cute! I really love this pattern... just might have to try it!

  2. Lovely finish, Alison! Such sweet fabrics combined with a lovely design = a keepsake quilt. Well done.

  3. "A happy quilt"!
    I like it!
    So fun!

  4. Love this pattern and super pretty fabric choices.
    E xx

  5. beautiful job, I'm sure it will be well used

  6. First time visiting (from Finish it up Fridays at crazymomquilts). What a refreshing quilt for a little one. I love that you tied the quilt - it makes a quilt, to me, feel homey and soft - like a baby. I still have the first quilt made for me when I was a baby, that was tied, and I used it with my daughter when she was a baby. You combined two great things in my mind in your quilt - modern/current colors and design with a vintage construction. Great quilt!

  7. A future heirloom, great quilt.

  8. Looks great. What a lovely gift.

  9. I love this pattern too, and you did a fantastic quilt!

  10. Wow! Love this. Amazing how a different color scheme can totally change up a quilt pattern. Thanks for letting me peak at your version.


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