Saturday, December 29, 2018

Good Fortune {Clues #5 and #6}

Despite the fact that I was out of state away from my sewing machine for nearly 5 days, I did manage to complete Clue #5 before Clue #6 came out last week.

On the Friday Clue #5 was released, I got home from work early and managed to get the clue nearly completed in fits and bursts throughout the evening that day. By the time we left for Ohio for Christmas, I had all of the units sewn and ready for their final pressing and trimming.

The day we got back, after unpacking and a quick trip to the grocery store, the units were pressed and trimmed. This was another quick and easy clue, and especially so making only half of the prescribed number of units. These units are mirror image sets -- left and right facing, or clockwise and counterclockwise, whichever naming convention you prefer.

On a side note -- what do you  call these units? I usually call them ribbon units since it reminds me of folded ribbon.

I used three different aquas in this step and seven different dark blues. The three different patriotic prints were not ones that I had originally pulled for this quilt and they originally were featured in my Uncle Sam wall hanging. A couple dark blue prints were charm squares given to me by a friend. The aqua paisley print was also used long ago for a baby quilt, the dot is leftover backing fabric (featured in quite a few of my recent quilts!), and geometric lace print is from my Meadow Dance pocket hanger.

For Clue #6, we've been instructed to make neutral string pieced strips, similar to Clue #4. Bonnie's caveat for those who might not want to strip piece these units and use a single fabric for the rectangles is to skip this clue and come back to it once the reveal happens.

For now, I am not planning to strip piece those units and will cut the necessary parts from my background fabric when I need them. Measuring my remaining background fabric, I am more than likely going to need to order more of this dot print to finish the quilt so it's probably better to wait to see how those units will be used.

I also am totally fine with "skipping" a clue for now, as the progress of packing and moving has begun! We closed on our house on Friday and have big plans for painting before we move next weekend.

I still have one finish for 2018 to photograph and post -- hopefully that will happen on Sunday! Yesterday it rained the entire day so hopefully I can at least get a few pictures today.

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  1. It's so interesting to see all the BH mystery pieces being sewn from various blogs I follow. Your fabrics look fun! I've never tried one of her mysteries. I don't know that I would be able to pull enough fabrics together to complete one, so I just enjoy what others do.

  2. I typically call those units half quarter-square triangles. Not very original, but there you go. :) Congratulations on closing on your first home and I hope that you have fun painting!

  3. I'm impressed that you are keeping up with the mystery while traveling AND moving. You must be so excited to finally move into your own house. Good luck.

  4. The joy and hard work of moving into a new home!!! Have fun making it your own!

  5. Congrats on the new house! I've made zero progress on clues 5 and 6. I hope to remedy that tomorrow.

  6. Moving is a big deal! Best wishes for your new home in the New Year!

  7. Happiest New Year wishes in your new home!

  8. Love your blocks! Hope your move is fast and smooth.


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