Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Swag and Goals

I forgot to put pictures up of the fabric I bought yesterday. And then I went and bought more fabric (and three new sweaters!!!!!!) today.

I got these fabrics from the quilt store; the red is Hoffman Winter Magic and the snowflake is Hoffman Wrap It Up (this is the only time I ever look at or care about what the fabric is or where it came from.)

Today at Joann, we found some fun remnants:

The middle fabric is the same fabric that I used for the back of my Stairsteps to Paradise quilt, that I am going to try to use to back the placemats.

I also found these brights on clearance: well as these pretty silver blues:

Someday, I am going to make a wine and silver blue arrow quilt. I have been trying my hardest to design a simple arrow block, but I am having a heck of a time with it. Suggestions and directions would be helpful!

I also got my fabric wrapped canvas up on the wall.

So I'm also going to start posting one goal a week on my Sunday/Monday post to hold me accountable. So send me angry comments if it's Saturday and I haven't updated my goal progress.

This week I would like to cut the backs for the placemats as well as battings, get them layered and attempt some simple line machine quilting. My uber goal of the week would be to get all that done as well as to sew on the binding and finish the binding by hand. My uber uber goal of the week would be to do all that as well as to start on the second set of placemats.

What are your goals for the week?? Did you get anything exciting done this weekend???


  1. sooo this would be a pretty abstract looking arrow quilt, but so pretty. have you tried a zigzag quilt yet? i think this would be fun to do in a wine and silver blue. :)

  2. Yay for your sewing projects! I am in the middle of cleaning my room, which runs into the near-avoidable task of putting away my spring and summer clothes... to be done soon! This week: room clean and organized!

  3. No zig-zags just yet! Definitely something on the very very long list of things to do.

    I've been doodling for a while with the arrows, very unsuccessfully. But, I press on.


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