Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new love: Magnolia

I spent Saturday morning in the COLD and the WIND at the tailgate. Boo! I spent this morning (and probably some more later today) working on my NSF Graduate Fellowship application. Double Boo!

I spent the afternoon yesterday warming up by setting up my NEW sewing machine. This thing is nifty beyond belief. I'm going to have to undertake projects to use all of its features.

I actually took a whole bunch of pictures of close up of the machine and my quarter inch foot (with fabric guide--what what!) but then I realized how dorky that was. I will save them on my computer, but I will spare you the time of looking at them.

So I am now working on finishing the top of my snowflake quilt. Next up: sashing the blocks together. Here are all my blocks laid out:

Oooooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Cue my happy dance. Here are the sashing pieces that were the first thing I sewed on my new machine!

I just took some feta-stuffed chicken out of the oven for dinners this week and I am (hopefully) going to get to talk to my NYC BFF today too. Winning!

Also! I reached 1000 views on Little Bunny Quilts! You guys are so cool. It does WONDERS for my self-esteem (especially when my research is complete crap).

So have a happy Sunday. Rest, recharge, and of course, refill your bobbins.

PS. Go to Quilting Gallery and vote for my mom's half-square diamond scrap quilt!

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