Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogtoberfest! (and snowflake blocks)

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

So I decided to participate in this "Blogtoberfest" thing. It's a blogfest. And its in October. Thus, Blogtoberfest.

To celebrate Blogtoberfest, one is supposed to post EVERY DAY. Now, I think its a stellar blogging week when I get out more than two posts, so posting every day might be a stretch, but we're gonna go for it anyways. And the fact that today is the 4th. Not the 1st.

So welcome to my little blogging bunny den AKA Little Bunny Quilts.

Yesterday I was able to put together four more Snowflake blocks while watching the new Prohibition documentary on PBS and the new season of House.  Here they are:

I think that the one in the upper left corner with the stripes is my favorite.

I am also (surprisingly) whittling down some of those blue scraps! I'm not sure how many more snowflakes will be made at this point because I've used up almost all of the dark blue fabric from the original stash. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, tomorrow I will be picking up my NEW COMPUTER! After 5 and a half years, this one is getting retired. Semi-retired. Many thanks to the high school kid who helped me at Best Buy.

Also. I am in love with New Girl on Fox. Anyone else?

If you're coming over from the Blogtoberfest, leave a comment or follow or don't do either. Your prerogative, but according to my readers (aka my sister and my boyfriend and my best friend) I am a pretty good and pretty funny writer. And maybe if lots of people show love on the little ol' blag (blog), I might do a Blogtoberfest giveaway. Incentive? Bribery? I think yes.


  1. I LOVE the snowflake blocks. So lovely.

  2. Thanks so much! I am excited to see how it all comes together.


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