Saturday, October 29, 2011

Playing catch-up

I have been reunited with my camera charger, so I finally have pictures to post about what I am working on currently. Most of that being today.

Also. My parents are here visiting. Winning!

I've been working on making some placemats from the scraps left over from myStairsteps to Paradise jelly roll quilt. I'm planning on putting together a tutorial once they are finished, so that's exciting fo' sure! Check things out so far:

The sashings for the snowflakes are pinned for the first side. They need to be sewn and pressed and then the second side added. And then I have to figure out how to lay them all out so that similar colors aren't too close to one another. But these have been pinned for almost a week and I haven't touched them. Fail.

I haven't touched my scrappy X's and O's quilt in ages. There are only X's and no O's at this point. I'm still searching for the perfect sashing fabric for this one. Ok. So that's kind of a lie. I haven't thought about it in ages so I didn't even think about it the last time I went to the store. Or the time before that.

But I am itching to start cutting on something new.

In other news, I made a tiny dinosaur for my boss's son for Halloween from this pattern except its not really 3D. I just cut two of the dinosaur shapes and sewed and stuffed the little guy. I ended up making two and I'm going to keep one.

We also managed to get a few jelly rolls and a two yard pack on s-a-l-e!

Over the summer, I had bought a yard of fabric and a canvas to staple it to for art for my living room. I just got staples for my borrowed staple gun. My dad helped me to staple the fabric and ribbon to the canvas and here is the finished project!

Now I just need to attach some hardware so I can hang it on the wall! Such a good feeling of accomplishment...and such an easy thing to put together! (Also, the ribbon is woven, which is also pretty easy.)

So, have a wonderful rest of your Halloween weekend! Happy stitching!

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