Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teacup Quilt

So I located my camera charger. 

IN MARYLAND. Plugged into the wall exactly where I left it when I went down a few weeks ago for the Navy-Air Force game.

So until I get it back (hopefully Monday) no new sewing pictures. Sigh.

But I figured I would take the chance and show off my second quilt (the first one that was ever finished!), my teacup quilt (pattern from either Say It With Quilts or Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!, can't remember which)

The fabric for all of the teacups and saucers (well, 95% of them) came out of my mom's scrap bin. A number of them are fussy-cut to show off the fabric (like the cream and brown duck cup in the second to bottom row). There is one of Easter egg fabric, ones with snowmen, 1930s style florals, batiks, plaids, polka dots, and each one is of a different fabric.

This was my first foray into applique -- the handles are all hand appliqued on. The border fabric was also fussy cut to show off the full pattern on all of the sides. I love this fabric so much, I had matching sorority letters made for myself and my younger sister out of this fabric.

Aren't we ten kinds of adorable? She's on the left and I'm on the right. She's my favorite. (Also. Why am I not doing the "skinny girl arm pose" like she is? Alison, get it together!)

 Maybe the next time I am home I will take pictures of some of my favorite teacups and post a few of them. It is a SUPER easy block to make and a great scrap project that's a little on the classy side.

So have a happy Saturday night. I have to finish eating dinner (mmmm stir fry) and go to Walmart (while the PSU-Northwestern game is on -- because the stores are DEAD during games, even when the game is out of town). Pictures soon, hopefully.

That is, provided I actually turn the sewing machine on.


  1. Cute tea cup quilt.
    Great photo with your sister (I need to try the skinny girl pose!).

  2. What a wonderful way to use up scraps!
    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog.

  3. Oh I just found your blog and love it, love the tea cup quilt! Great Work, Hugs, Mary

  4. Oh thanks, Mary! It's my little piece of sanity in grad school. :)


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