Monday, October 21, 2019

Progress Potpourri {Borders, Blocks, and Batting}

I didn't have a ton of motivation (or time) to sew this weekend, but I did manage to get a few productive things done, even if it wasn't just finishing a quilt.

First, I made bias binding from a fat quarter and added it to a baby quilt that I quilted *last* week. I am hand stitching the binding by hand, so expect that finish later this week or early next week.

Next, I used the backing cut-offs from the aforementioned baby quilt as the (first) border of my Ribbons quilt.

I maximized the width of border I could add using this fabric (2.25" was what my scraps would allow) and now I will decide if I will add another border or not. I have one brown and green fabric that might work, but I think I want something blue for the border so I will need to go shopping.

Next, I pulled out the scraps from my Baseball Baby Quilts. I had strip pieced these quilts, so I actually had rather large strip pieced chunks left over! I found that I could undo a few seams and end up with four 16" blocks. 

I pieced these together and used the last bit of the remaining white print as a border. I still have some of these fabrics left, probably enough of to make a small table runner or topper. I will probably donate this quilt once finished. This is a small quilt -- only about 37" square.

Finally, I layered and basted my Radiant Jewel quilt. I ordered the backing fabric for this quilt about a month ago. The fabric is actually from a holiday line from Robert Kaufman but is just a black and metallic gold marble print, which looks great with the other fabrics of the quilt, which are also RK prints (just very, very old!). I have enough to also use it for the binding.

In this picture, you can also see something else -- the black batting! I got a black queen-sized batting from Hobbs in one of my Island Batik Ambassador boxes this year and I used a sizable chunk of the batting for my Plus Sign quilt in May.  I pieced the batting scraps together (I had two large pieces of the batting to work with) and was able to layer and pin this quilt on Saturday. 

That was slightly for naught because I do not have a thread color in my stash that I am thrilled to use with this quilt. I am thinking either a goldish cream like the fabric in the center of the stars -or- a lavender-pink like the background fabric, but leaning towards a goldish-cream. I think I would get more mileage out of cream thread. What do you think? Pink or cream?

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Lots of great progress; I hope you enjoy finishing the binding on the baby quilt and I really like how the stripes work as the first border on the ribbon quilt. I think a cream thread sounds great, too.

  2. Good for you moving your potpourri of projects right along. Keep going!!

    I usually go for the "more mileage" option when it comes to most things so it would be cream for me!

  3. I find pale pinks and pale yellows to be quite versatile as quilting threads. Don't worry too much about not being able to use the pink in the future :)

  4. That black and gold print is lovely! Love the ribbons quilt. Looks like you've made a lot of progress on a lot of projects!

  5. I think I would go for pink - it would be so pretty on this quilt!

  6. Maybe not a finish, but you moved a lot of projects closer to that point. I'm helpless on picking thread colors for quilting. I think you could go with either.


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