Monday, December 17, 2018

Good Fortune {Clue #4}

After finishing Clue #3 of Good Fortune the night before Clue #4 came out, I was so excited to see that this clue was so quick and easy! Click here for all of the Good Fortune mystery information!

For Clue #4, we were instructed to make scrappy strip pieced rectangles. I was so thrilled with this because I was able to use up a ton of small scraps and I was able to finish the entire clue before I went out and did my grocery shopping on Saturday morning!

To start, I separated my aqua (instead of orange!) scraps into three piles -- bits, strips, and chunks. I also sorted out anything that was too small for this section of units.
-- "Bits" were anything at least 1.5" wide and up to about 6" square
-- "Strips" were strips at least 1" wide and up to 20" long
-- "Chunks" were anything WOF long or wider than 6"

I sorted my scraps this way so that I could focus on using the smallest pieces first. Some of these pieces have been in my stash a very long time -- and some fabrics were used in my On Ringo Lake too!

I did not use paper foundations for my units -- I also used a lot smaller scraps than Bonnie instructs -- so my units are actually all different, rather than having sets of matching strippy rectangles. Most of my units have 4 different fabrics, but a few have 5 or 6.

There are a lot of scraps in these pieces that came from my Wallflowers row quilt but a lot of it ended up being random things that have been hanging around my stash for a long time. I really like how many of the units ended up with red accents!

These also made a very nice dent in my scrap piles! The majority of my bits and strips piles were obliterated (literally!) to make these units and I only had to dip into my chunks pile a little bit for fabric variety at the end. Depending on the rest of the units for this quilt, I might not have enough aqua, or rather, enough variety of aqua, so another dig through my stash to pull some additional fabrics might be in order.

Here's a few units from Clue #3 and Clue #4 hanging out together:

I will admit that I'm a little confuzzled by our two different sizes of HSTs (for now) so I'm not going to strain my brain in trying to solve the mystery just yet.

Here's a collage of my four finished clues:

This is likely the point where I will fall utterly and completely behind! Between leaving for the holidays and closing on our house (!!!) the next few weeks are going to be very busy!

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  1. Can not wait to see your finished blocks. I too am wondering about the size difference. I am just printing clues, so far. Too stressful to start a new project this time of year. My En Provence is still in the flimsy stage!!

  2. Oh wow, congratulations on closing on your home - what an exciting time. Your strips look great and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. You get a dispensation for moving to your new house. How exciting.

  4. The joys of moving during the holiday season is definitely unique!! I once moved into my new house on January 1...I think the movers that helped had hangovers, but they got the job done. Good for you for keeping up with the mystery! I'm just collecting clues because I want to see if I can create a secondary pattern with a specific neutral I have...I may or may not use it. I love seeing all the different color combinations because I am not using the same colors as Bonnie (I really don't like orange!). Perhaps after you get moved in you can take a few days and catch back up. I have total faith in you getting this quilt to the finish line!

  5. Closing on a new house? That's very exciting!

  6. I'm glad to read that someone else just pieced scraps together for this clue! I didn't understand what we would gain by sewing onto paper, then ripping the paper off, since these aren't even on the bias. Piece 'em up, trim to size, boom, done! And like you, I'll be traveling when the next clue is released, so that's it for being all caught up :)


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