Friday, December 14, 2018

Good Fortune {Clue #3}

It's time for another Good Fortune update! For clue #3, we are making two units from our green fabric -- units that Bonnie calls "half chevrons" and half square triangles that can be made as bonus triangles!

For my green fabric, instead of pulling from my green scrap pile, I pulled a single green fabric. This fabric was used in the piecing of and as the backing of my "Green in Bloom" quilt last year. I have large chunks of this fabric left over -- I'm guessing I have a little under a yard in scraps which should be more than enough for a half-sized version of Good Fortune. (This is the best picture I can grab of the green fabric!)

Bonnie lists multiple ways to make both of the units -- I decided to test out the method to make the chevron units and then use the "bonus triangles" for the smaller HSTs. I am not usually a fan of the stitch and flip method because it can waste a lot of fabric but this method puts the scraps to work!

I found I didn't need to mark two lines for the seams -- if I marked the diagonal for the first, and used my foot as a guide, my HSTs came out just about perfect, with the exception of just a few! 

By Monday, I was about two-thirds of the way complete with my units. Sewing progress in the evenings is rare and slow for me this time of year so I was worried that I wouldn't get finished before the Clue #4 came out today. However, I did finish Clue #3 last night -- just under the wire!

Even with making half as many units as Bonnie's directions, this clue took a long time for me! However, once I figured out my correct seam allowances, I only ended up with four HSTs that were slightly too small. If I need more in the final layout of my quilt, I will make more units then, but for now, I will continue to shoot for half-ish of Bonnie's directions.

Happy Friday! I'm hoping that Clue #4 (which just came out!) is just as quick and easy as I imagine it to be! I have a pile of secret sewing to sew (and HSTs to trim!) this weekend, so hopefully both will go quickly and without incident.


  1. I really like the green print. Congratulations on getting the clue done before the next one was released!

  2. I love your green print - it will so pretty going all through your quilt!

  3. Good job at keeping up with the clues! I found those chevrons very time-consuming too,and I still need to trim the HST dog ears.

  4. Looking good! Yes, the next clue with orange is fast and easy :)


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