Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Fortune {Clue #1} + Double Delight {Finished Top}

Despite the fact that I had to work on Black Friday (boo!) I was able to take a half day, complete a bunch of errands, and get all of the sewing done on Clue #1 for the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt!

For this clue we eased ourselves in a little bit with simple four patches made with our background fabric and our red fabric -- since the only color I changed was replacing orange with aqua, nearly all of my units will be the same as Bonnie's examples.

I used approximately 16 different red fabrics for these four patches, some of them are technically Christmas fabrics but for the most part they are small enough that it won't be entirely obvious. I also used two red patriotic fabrics that were left over from my Uncle Sam wall hanging all the way back in 2013! There are also fabrics from my Christmas Twirls MBS quilt, my Blitzen Basketcase quilt, the tree skirt that I made for my mother-in-law, my Jingle Bell Rock MBS quilt, and a few projects that I've done with Benartex for their Sew in Love with Fabric blog!

For now, I am still planning to use just one background fabric. If there comes a clue where I find that it would be helpful to have multiple background fabrics, I might add in one or two for just those clues but keep my ditsy dot as my main background.

Since I was able to get Clue #1 finished before I even went out for groceries on Saturday, I decided that it was high time to finally put the borders on my Double Delight quilt! I had finished the rest of the top all the way back in June and picked out the border fabric in October and even cut the borders for this quilt when I cut the borders for my Drift Away quilt! Double Delight is an older mystery quilt pattern on Bonnie's site.

As you might be able to tell in the photos, my side borders are skinnier than my top and bottom borders. This way the quilt had a little more length since I tend to make mostly twin-sized and queen-sized quilts when I go big, rather than full-sized quilts. My quilt is now a lovely twin sized at 70" x 88".

The border fabric came from the clearance at my LQS -- it's a Downton Abbey print from 2014, but it has the perfect shades of red, pink, and a tiny bit of chartreuse!

This quilt is now ready for quilting. This might be one that I send out to have a lovely large pantograph done on it to keep the tiny piecing front and center!

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  1. I've been wanting to do double delight, it is my favorite bonnie pattern. Its just finding the time. Love your start of the GF.

  2. Lovely job on Double Delight... that was one of my favourite quilts!

  3. You had a really productive sewing weekend! :)

  4. and here we go again, lol,,,,,looking gorgeous as usual,,,,

  5. I'm impressed you were able to work half day AND get all your blocks done. They look great!

  6. Its a double delight getting both things done! It will be fun to see your Bonnie Hunter mystery come together.

  7. The Christmas GREEN peeking out on your 4-patches is my fav, what great fabrics! And your Double Delight is truly delightful ;-) Enjoy our Good Fortune Mystery!

  8. The mystery is looking good. Your Double Delight is lovely.

  9. I do like your one background fabric, hope it works out for you


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