Monday, January 13, 2020

Clue #4, #6, #7 Progress {Frolic Mystery Quilt}

Slowly but surely I am making tiny bits of progress on my Frolic mystery quilt. I was able to dig deep in my stash to find two fat quarters to finish the cutting for Clue #4!

Yay for not having to go to the store and buy more fabric! I started drawing lines on the back of the small squares to pair each with a navy or dark teal small square to make the half-square triangles for Clue #4 and this will be the next thing I sew. Most of my aqua fabrics are left over from my April Shower Medallion quilt and my Pineapple Log Cabin quilt. 

For Clue #6, I am making part of my flying geese using my navy fabric and part using my dark teal fabrics. I started off making the navy fabric geese with yellow scraps for the background triangles and had shown some of the sewn but untrimmed geese in my last Frolic post. 

I have really, really used up my yellow scraps -- so much so that the yellow batik in the upper right hand corner was a fat quarter hanging around in my stash from long, long ago that I originally didn't think I would end up using for this quilt. Some of these fabrics were also used in my On Ringo Lake quilt, too. 

For the dark teal set of geese, I am using a single yellow print fabric -- something I had bought on clearance years and years ago, which I think looks really lovely with the coral dot print. I used three of my dark teal prints for these flying geese.

Making and trimming these geese went much faster than the batch that I made with the navy and scrappy yellow fabrics!

Now I am officially *done* with Clue #6! I also started the cutting for Clue #7:

I still have a pile of coral squares to cut for this step, that will be paired with the navy or dark teal to make half-square triangles and pinwheels or used to make more flying geese in Clue #8.

While a lot of people are itching for another clue to be released, I am happy that we haven't had any additional bonus clues! If I could get through finally finishing Clue #4 and making a dent in Clue #7 before Friday, I would be really, really proud of myself.

Are you Frolicking? How is your progress? I applaud those of you that decided to do half sized quilts this time around because sometimes I am regretting going full-scale for this one!

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  1. Hi Alison! WOW, what fabulous progress. And, the fabrics you chose!! So much goodness in those piles. I'm not frolicking or Frolicking but I have several friends who are. And I'm enjoying it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. This is a very labour intensive mystery quilt for sure!
    But lots of fun, and I'm excited to see how it will all come together!

  3. I've fallen behind on Frolic because we are traveling in FL and TX for several weeks. I did bring the cut pieces for clue 6 and 7 with me to work on, but haven't been motivated to do that. I also brought neutrals and green with me anticipating they would be used, but not so far. Every other year the mystery wraps up on New Year's Day. It looks like I should have just skipped this year.

  4. You've done really well on keeping finishing off the clues. I never manage to keep up, but often that works out OK because then I have some wiggle room to make changes, such as how many light/dark blocks I make.


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