Monday, May 22, 2017

Christine's Kitchen QAL {Week 10}

Welcome back to Week 10 of the Christine's Kitchen QAL! Today we're making the pieced border for our quilt!

The most important thing about making pieced borders is making sure that you've accurately made your quilt center and that you accurately make your pieced border -- size matters, cutting accuracy matters, seam allowance matters.

I strip pieced my pairs of background and print fabrics (always pressing to the print fabric) from the large scraps I had from piecing my blocks. I did mine randomly, but Amanda did hers in just two colors, which gives her a totally different look!

You can also see that Amanda added in a few extra flowers to her quilt too! Make sure that your four patch sections "pair up" at the corners -- take a few minutes to make sure that your rows start and end with the correct pattern.

No giveaway this week, and next week is our off week, but we will have multiple giveaways for those who send in finished quilt pictures for the quilt parade! Once you've finished your quilt top and/or quilted and bound your quilt, email me a picture of your finished quilt or finished top at to be entered to win some wrap up prizes!

Thinking about joining in late? There is still a lot of time to catch up before the final quilt parade in June!


  1. What a cute quilt! I like your border with all the different greens.

  2. I absolutely love the border of your awesome quilt!! So nice!! Both quilts are amazingly awesome!! Very cool to see how different colors change the look! Have a great day!!!!

  3. Both quilts are gorgeous!! Love them. I am so happy that I have a long weekend coming up so that I can caught up!!

  4. Both of those quilts are gorgeous!

  5. Hi Alison,
    What a fun quilt! I love your border with all the different greens - it sure does look different when only two colors are used (that is cute too). Hmm, there's still time to play along . . . if I didn't have so darn many other projects going right now. ~smile~

  6. I really like your bright green kitchen. It's so cheerful and springy!

  7. A really cute and bright quilt.


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