Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quilts at the Fair {2016}

In my efforts to catch up this week, I'm finally getting to sharing some of my pictures of the quilts at the fair! 

Here's the Best of Show in Quilts -- it was a cream whole cloth quilt with absolutely gorgeous brown long arm quilting.

Unlike years past where each category was grouped together, there didn't seem to be a pattern to how the quilts were arranged. The Hawaiian quilt in the lower right was absolutely gorgeous.

Here's my Candy Shop Quilt and its third place ribbon! It's really sad that they don't have more space for the quilts (or realize that they could have folded this one differently to show off the blocks!)

Sighted: modern fabric! This tends to be a very traditional showing of quilts but I was very excited to see all of the Alison Glass prints in the second quilt on the top row. Next to it you can see my Wishes sampler quilt, which also won a third place ribbon. The kitty in the daisies wall hanging at the bottom right was also exquisite!

More lovely quilts. The tree is a family tree with names on it! Very creative.

Finally here's my Wallflowers row quilt (pattern here!) I actually decided to enter this quilt because it was a slightly more traditional quilt (only slightly!) and it was the only one that didn't win a ribbon. There were probably 10 quilts entered into this category so that might have also played against it as well.

(Also featured, a Mirabilia beaded mermaid cross stitch)

Enjoy your Thursdays everyone. It's a very foggy day here but hopefully we'll see the sun later!


  1. Congrats on your wins! That's amazing. I also get excited when I see modern fabric at traditional shows. I saw a Kate Spain quilt just once in a see of traditional fabric!

  2. I'm always curious to see how different fairs display the quilts. It is a shame that they fold the quilts up in your area - even the beautiful best in show quilt was not easy to appreciate that way.

  3. Congrats on the ribbons. Our county fair displays quilts the same way. I was a bit disappointed the year I entered. It was really hard to see much. But it is a small venue, so they do the best they can.


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