Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pink Rings

Thanks to a little bit of bonus free time, I was able to take my pink rings blocks from this:

To this:

And the last night I finished up the last three blocks and put the top together!

This quilt ends up being the exact same size as my Picnic Pinwheels baby quilt, which is perfect because these quilts will be going to two babies at church who are bound to be each other's first friends!

Now to quilt this one -- I am planning to do off white thread (unless I can find a perfect light pink) with a pink flannel backing and brown binding! And while I'm at it I'll be quilting my Taffy quilt too!

Happy Thursday! Don't forget to enter my Sew Mama Sew giveaway! Linking up for WIP Wednesday!


  1. I am so envious of your pink fabric play. I want to play with pink sock monkey fabric! :)

  2. Very nice.
    Do you usually put the same color thread in the top and bobbin? Have you ever done it with different colors?


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