Monday, December 14, 2015

Finished Pink Rings Baby Quilt

Hooray for finishes!

Friday night I was finally able to get the flannel to back the Pink Rings quilt and I got it all pinned that evening. Saturday morning I intended to get the whole quilt quilted in the morning and bind it in the afternoon. That happened -- sort of, with a major detour where I had to unpick about 50% of the quilting I had done because of some major nasty pleats and tucks in the backing. These ones were just too bad to try to smooth out. So I unpicked for two hours the quilting that it had taken me less than a half hour to do.

BUT. I did finish the quilt on Saturday!

Here it is all quilted and trimmed:

And here's the back. There's a few places that ended up a little "puffy" but nothing a little washing and love won't fix!

I bound it in brown fabric from my stash and it is quilted in off white thread.

The finished product:

Sunday this quilt and its "mate" were delivered to two friends at church -- the little girl was born two weeks ago, and the little boy is due at any time!

Size: 36 x 48
Blocks: 12" finished, from Quiltmaker Magazine
Fabrics: Pink Sock Monkey fat quarters
Backing: pink flannel
Quilting: off-white thread, chunky meander

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  1. Hi, I found you on Sew Cute Tuesday. What a sad tale about the wrinkles. I did the same while pinning a large quilt and finding a big backing pleat in the center. At least it was only re-pinning. Learned my lesson, though. A darling quilt and color combo. So nice for the new baby.

  2. Congrats on the finish. it turned out beautifully!


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