Thursday, September 18, 2014

September Stash Bee and Sew Pieceful Blocks

Bee block roundup time!

This month in the Stash Bee Samantha requested that we make any sort of flying geese blocks in olive, chocolate, dark red, and gold. I made an 18 inch block with geese in various sizes.

September #stashbee block! Plus extra geese to throw in anywhere.

This month for the Sew Pieceful Bee, I made the Variable Star block from the Quilter's Cache.

I also made an angel block to make up for someone dropping out last month using the Union Square Variation block. The tutorial doesn't use fast flying geese or quick HSTs and I didn't realize it until after I did all of my cutting -- boo! Nonetheless, the block turned out pretty well.

Sew pieceful Angel block for Myra

Happy Thursday! Keep an eye open over at the Stash Bee Blog because sign ups for the 2015 round are fast approaching and yours truly is taking over as the Bee Mama! :) 

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  1. lovely blocks, tried to pin them but it would only allow me to pin the middle one


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