Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bits and Pieces

There's been a slight lackage of posts around these parts for the following reasons:
  • Working on the setting options for the QCQAL -- no, ladies, I haven't forgotten about you! Be warned that the free block patterns will be taken down from Craftsy soon but they will still be available here on my blog.
  • Working on finishing a quilt and a pattern to go along with it that will also be coming soon!
  • A flat tire on Sunday
  • My sister getting married in 4 DAYS.
Anyways, so I've been busy. 

Today, Park Ranger Husband and I went up to Gettysburg and hiked about 2.5 miles. Go us! We're really trying to get our fitness on. He also bought me a Civil War Quilt book! 

Do you think this means that he wants me to make him another Civil War quilt? We already have two -- one that I made, and the one my mom made us as a wedding gift (which I don't think I've ever blogged about!)

We also stopped by an AMAZING farm stand on our way home. I am most excited about making some stellar ribs with the apple butter BBQ sauce.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing that I can actually show you now. I have the base for my October wall hanging all put together:

Most of the yellow and orange on black floral print will end up behind the pumpkin. Hopefully this week I can start getting the pumpkin and border decorations (maybe little bats!) attached with fusible web while we watch TV tonight and tomorrow. I decided to skip from February to October so that I can actually use this one once we get back from my sister's wedding! Now to just buy another magnetic wall quilt hanger...

My scrap stash is still out of control, despite starting making my monthly wall hangings, participating in the Stash Bee and the Sew Pieceful Bee, I still have a pile of fabric just sitting on the floor. Oops. So I started making a few of the Lori Holt house blocks in the most recent issue of Quiltmaker. 

These are so cute and fun and I am very excited to make more! It'll be a little "dream house" quilt.

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  1. Very cute house blocks! Have fun at the wedding! XO

  2. I love the background of your October wall hanging. I'm sure the pumpkins and bats will jazz it up, but I love it just as it is! Great fabric choice! Your outing to Gettysburg sounds like so much fun, especially the goodies you picked up! I'm headed to Austin this weekend for some hiking. Maybe I'll come back with some goodies, too!

  3. first of all have a lovely time at the wedding, I do hope the sun shines all day for the bride and groom and for the the res tof you too! Re the QCQAL am I right in thinking there were 16 blocks in the end? Love those little houses you are doing

  4. House blocks are my fave, and yours are just gorgeous! Love your colour choices, and cannot wait to see a whole quilt....just lovely!!!


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