Friday, September 12, 2014

Finished February Hearts Wall Hanging

Another little finish this week -- hooray!

I managed to finish another one of my calendar wall hangings for February.

The inside of the background is various baby pinks and the outer ring are various hot pinks. I cut out X, O, and heart shapes to decorate the outer ring in reds and burgundies.

I actually did all of this satin stitching the same time that I did the finishing satin stitching on my January snowman just so that I could get more done while my settings were just right!

I patchwork pieced my large heart together using large pieces of red and pink scraps from my scrap boxes and trimmed it down to size after I ironed on the fusible web.

For this one, I had a yard of a red on red tonal leaf print that I used for both the backing and the binding -- with a little to spare! I'll probably end up using it for my September apple -- when I get there!

For the FMQ on this one, I challenged myself and used two different filler patterns -- one within the heart, and a different one everywhere else. I used two patterns from the Free Motion Quilting Project -- Heart Paisley in the big heart and Hearts and Spirals elsewhere. Doing the hearts and spirals pattern was great practice for travel stitching which I have not done a lot of in the other things I have FMQ'd.

Here's the whole front and back. I used white thread on the front and back.

My FMQ is far from perfect but I have made so much progress in 2014 with my FMQ skills! Hooray for me!

I also used the red backing for the binding and the hanging pockets and used a decorative stitch to machine bind the wall hanging. I used red thread for this on the front so that it would blend a little bit better, but I still used white on the back since it isn't going to show.

Here's the finished product:

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  1. Congrats! An adorable quilt! And finished....I never get to finished! WTG!!!

  2. Hooray for FMQ practice! So many people are intimidated because they want to get it right the first time, and the (not-so-) secret is that you have to practice, practice, practice! I think you did a GREAT job, and I really like the Heart Paisley FMQ design. Love that you used machine stitching on the binding. I'm not so good at my hand-stitching skills, so I like that you KNOW it'll stay put with the machine stitch and that you can use the fun decorative stitches on your machine. Congrats on your finish!

  3. I rather like the shape of these hearts, usually they are fatter, these are more appealing and the quilting is lovely

  4. It is lovely. Great finish. I love the quilting you did and will try to do some on my next quilted project. Or rather the one that is just partly done.

  5. I love your heart shaped quilting. Such a beautiful finish.


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