Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey Mr. UPS Man...

Is there fabric in your bag for me? Hopefully!

Did I tell the story of how the last time I ordered fabric I sent it to the wrong apartment? So I typed the wrong apartment numbers and didn't realize it. If I lived in apartment M-67 (which I don't), I ended up sending it to apartment M-78 on the floor above me. Oops. And I missed UPS calling me because I didn't want to answer the phone while I was driving home and because it was a number I didn't know. They were in the parking lot when I got home that day and I saw them drive away as I walked up to my apartment and then I proceded to text the UPS man about how I put the wrong apartment on the shipping address. Oops.

Needless to say, I double checked the address when I put this order in. Let's all profess our love for $3.95 yards!

I bought all half yards of these fabrics to mix in with some of my current projects including my New York Beauty project, my blue and purple blocks from my swap, and my argyle quilt.

For my argyle quilt:

For my New York Beauty:

For my Nubees swap quilt:

And for stashing:

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