Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend wanderings

I have taken a little break from my argyle quilt to use my new fabric for my New York Beauty blocks. I finished the third block yesterday:

Here are all three finished blocks:

I started the fourth block and the paper piecing is completed:

Have a wonderful Sunday and check out this week's Plum and June Giveaway from Christa Quilts!


  1. Wow, Alison, they look great!

  2. these are lovely! very nice job:)

  3. these take a lot of work - very nice!

  4. These are stunning Alison, love your choice of fabrics. Finally watched Hunger Games this weekend on my daughter's instance and really enjoyed it. Now she says I need to read the books as they're so much better :)

  5. These are very striking! I love the crisp finish you get with Paper Piecing.

    Re: your Plum & June book choice - I haven't read the Hunger Games yet but my husband (who usually reads about 1 book a decade) has read all 3 in the space of a month, so I have added them to my reading list!


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