Friday, January 24, 2020

Refresh {Sewing Room Redo}

When we moved last year, we decided to put off painting the smallest bedroom which I use as my sewing room because it was just plain white (and not a horrendous pink like our bedroom) and the other things we needed to do were much more pressing.

Now that we are into Year Two of home ownership, the pressing things have been crossed off the list and we can start doing some wish list items -- including painting my sewing room!

While the room was white, it was very greyed. I don't know if that's because of how long it has been since it had been last painted, or if it the paint had grey undertones. Either way, even though the room was white, it was still rather drab. My husband and I picked a yellow-leaning tan (Cameo Creme from Sherwin Williams) for the walls.

Here is the room prior to painting:

The second component of this is that the room was in major need of an organization overhaul, which is happening in conjunction with the room being put back together.

We moved some things out of the room, and got the room taped on Sunday. Sewing creates a lot of dust bunnies!

In some lights, the color looks darker than others, and of course there is a color difference in wet vs. dry paint.

Given that my closet doors are white, I wanted to make sure that the paint was dark enough to contrast with the white. I think that the yellow/cream makes it much warmer, which was the main issue with the dingy white it was before.

This angle looks a little darker than it actually is.

My room is put together in nearly the exact same way, but it has been good to mindfully sort through my stuff and reorganize it.

The sort of open drawer in the picture above is my "drawer of shame". It's all the fabric that I have been finding in bits and bobs that isn't in the place that it should be. My plan is to work on a little pile every time that I sew and get those pieces back into the right scrap bins. As of right now the room is about 90% back together and then next week I am hoping to hang a few things on the walls!

Happy Friday!


  1. We re-did my sewing room last summer and it went from dingy tan to a bright creamy white. LED lights and a ceiling fan finished it up and I'm loving it now! Paint makes such a difference!

  2. It always feels good to get a room refreshed. The yellow looks like it will be bright and happy for many years!

  3. Lovely sewing room---you're right, the warm color changes the whole feel of the room. You'll be very creative there, I'm sure. (And I saw nothing shameful about that open my sewing room that drawer would be considered

  4. Great colors and it always a good incentive to reorganize. I remember painting a room yellow as it was so cold and it really warmed it up! Enjoy your refreshed space.

  5. I love your new cozy happy place! What a joy it will be for you to enter this lovely room and create!! Enjoy!

  6. Looking good, Alison!!! I need to clean out my sewing room and paint it as well. It hasn't been painted for about 20 years and I don't like it at all!! Ugh...I don't want to move everything out!! However, I would love to have a beautiful room like yours!

  7. It looks nice! I would love to paint my sewing room, but I dread the packing and unpacking it would take. I thought I picked out a lovely tanish brown. It's pink. Your color looks soft and welcoming.


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