Friday, April 19, 2019

Ready, Set, Go! {Last blocks and Quilt Top}

I've managed to finish up all 25 blocks for my Island Batik Ambassador challenge for this month!

For the last blocks, I needed to mix in a few more black fabrics, but I ended up using only two different pink fabrics for my blocks.

Here are the last of the blocks:

In the process of making all of the blocks, I made sure to press my blocks such that it would be very, very easy to nest seams in the blocks as I put the quilt top together.

Now my quilt is a lovely 40 inches square (as specified by our challenge requirements!) and ready to be quilted!

Getting some backing fabric for this quilt is on my next item of business and I have pink fabric set aside for binding too!

In keeping with the "pink" theme of this post, I also wanted to share a picture of the very lovely cherry tree in the front yard of our new house, all abloom:

Who says you have to go to DC to see good cherry blossoms?!? I don't think my tree is same varietal as the Japanese cherry trees in DC, but my tree was extremely lovely until a stupid rainstorm knocked off a good portion of the petals and I was happy that I took this picture the day before the rain moved in.

Happy Easter to all, I am going to be hosting a small troupe at our house on Sunday which will be a good mish-mash of our local friends and coworkers.


  1. I miss my crab apple, that bloomed in the spring. That storm effect, I called pink snow which helped me appreciate that the petals were no longer on the tree. I love the way this quilt is looking. Look forward to seeing your quilting on it.

  2. The blocks and quilt top look great. Any plans on quilting yet?

  3. I love the electric pink of your quilt and the tree too!

  4. I like your design and the secondary pattern that shows up. Good luck with the quilting. Happy Easter. Enjoy your get together.

  5. Love the pink and black color palette. It makes for a very dramatic quilt. Sorry the storms blew away the petals. Our neighbor to the east lost one of their trees in the storms this week. It is the season.

  6. I really like the pink and black and white together! The pink check it out looks fabulous!

  7. Very pretty quilt!
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  8. Beautiful, very sharp and I love the pink and black and white! Have fun quilting this!


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