Friday, January 25, 2019

Good Fortune {Spinning Stars and Border Beginnings}

My Good Fortune quilt is no longer units and blocks -- it's the beginning of a quilt top and units waiting to be turned into borders, hooray!

Pairing up my HST sets and half-chevrons to make the block quarters for my Spinning Star units was a quick and easy process. Getting the quarters into blocks was also quick and easy -- the seams nested perfectly and within a short while, all of my blocks were complete!

There's definitely a lot of the lighter blue lattice print (in the block corners) in these units, but ending up with a lot of blue lattice HSTs was much better than buying extra fabric for this project! I'm also SO happy with my decision to be fussy about the stripe in my green print -- I think the stripes add to the swirling effect of the block.

Following Bonnie's pressing directions meant that all of my seams nested like a dream while putting together my Spinning Stars and String Chain blocks into the center of the top.

Seeing the quilt center complete reaffirms that I made the right decision for my color scheme. I love how the green pinwheels pop and the red four patches remind me of little red berries.

I'm skipping the string border sections, so I used background rectangles combined with the remaining HSTs for the first border. I made all of my border HST units the same and then pulled four more HSTs of the same fabric for the four corners.

Now I come to a bit of a pickle. Because of sizing my quilt down, the next pieced border won't fit correctly with an even number of units, so I will need to add a spacer border. I originally thought about doing a green border, cut that green border, and then realized that I had done my math wrong. Whoops.

I think ultimately this is a blessing in disguise because I think a background spacer border will be a better choice and I can probably use the green strips that I already cut as the next spacer border. A quilt with three pieced borders is definitely easier if you are making the prescribed size of quilt! 

This weekend, my plan is to actually put this away for a few days so that I can do some quilting (!!!) for the first time since the move. I still need to find a border fabric for my January UFO project too, as the end of the month is quickly approaching. 

What are your weekend sewing plans? Do you find yourself at a project impasse?

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm encountering the same math issues with my Good Fortune. Mine is 5x6 blocks and it needs to end up a multiple of 3" in order for the final quarter square triangle units to work. But it's kinda fun to ponder various solutions! Your color scheme is really lovely in this pattern, Alison :)

  2. This is coming along beautifully! I hope the green you cut works great later; sometimes a miscut is a blessing in disguise. I've got a quilt to finish myself this weekend.

  3. LOVE love love the colors of your Good Fortune! Great choices. COngrats.

  4. I can't get over how beautiful this is!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just looked around on yours and lots of fun things to see!


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