Monday, November 5, 2018

Cozy Cabins {Log Cabin Quilts with Island Batik}

As an Island Batik Ambassador, I am provided with samples of various lines of Island Batik fabrics to use and share with you!

Our theme for November is log cabin blocks! Log cabin blocks are a ubiquitous quilt component from antique quilts to modern quilts! I created a new Log Cabin Pinterest board while I was thinking about what to make for this challenge.

I found that I was frequently drawn to what many people call "quarter log cabin" blocks and so I decided that I would use this as my design inspiration for this challenge.

When looking through my Island Batik fabric stash, I decided to pull out my 10" stacker of Spirit Rhythm fabric for this project. For my project, I wanted something simpler and also something that would efficiently use my layer cake squares.

I did quite a bit of math (which is the fun part for me!) and found that I could easily make 25 9.5" quarter log cabin blocks from this stacker (Island Batik stackers have 42 10" squares, FYI) with a little bit of wiggle room for miscuts, just in case. When I did the math, trying to cut for 30 blocks was *very* tight and had no room for mistakes, so I figured going with a 25 block quilt was the best route.

To do the cutting, I sorted my 10" squares into three piles -- one pile for the center squares, one pile for the first round of logs, and one pile for the outer round of logs for the blocks.

One block requires:
One (1) 4.5" square for the center of the block (color A)
One (1) 3" x 4.5" rectangle for the first round (color B)
One (1) 3" x 7" rectangle for the first round (color B)
One (1) 3" x 7" rectangle for the second round (color C)
One (1) 3" x 9.5" rectangle for the second round round (color C)

I put together a quick diagram on how I cut the parts from my 10" squares while wasting as little fabric as possible.

In the color B square and the first color C square, I had a little bit of extra fabric that wasn't quite 3" wide due to trimming. From those scraps, I cut all of that extra fabric into 2.5" squares for a future project.

Here's my fabrics all cut:

Here are my first few blocks:

Now I'll be working on getting the rest of the blocks done and then putting the top together. This will tentatively be a Christmas/"thank you for being an amazing friend for over 10 years" gift!

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  1. I think that quarter log cabin blocks are super versatile and fun to play with, too. I look forward to seeing this come together!

  2. Thanks for sharing your cutting diagrams! I'm always looking for efficient ways to use precuts so I've added this to my "blocks for layer cakes" file :)

  3. I was on the quarter log track, too, but then got diverted by a technique I learned awhile ago. The cutting charts are terrific!


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