Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Just Keep Trimming {Double Delight}

I like to have a "quiet project" to work on so that I don't drive my husband completely crazy with the sewing machine running all waking hours. Usually I have something that needs pressing or trimming that I'll work on in the evenings while we watch baseball or basketball. My new Double Delight project has provided me with PLENTY of pressing and trimming as of late.

After finishing up pressing 120 square in a square units, I had to trim 120 square in a square units. This took me quite a while to trim in between working on other things and I made a lot of pretty trash in the process.

I went ahead and stacked these units into four piles of 30 so I won't have to recount the stacks when I am ready to make the blocks! I'll just rotate the units so that the fabrics are in a variety of locales within the block.

I think that I used approximately ten different chartreuse fabrics and about eight different mulberry fabrics. I had quite a lot of certain mulberry fabrics (like the cream/mulberry floral left over from the backing of my Stash Bee Star Quilt) and a mulberry batik tonal fabric. 

When I picked up my new sewing machine, I also picked up a half yard of a cream print that matched well with the other two cream prints I had started using for this quilt. It was more difficult than I anticipated to find something that had a similar shade of cream in the background! 

It definitely won't be enough cream for the rest of the quilt, but it's more than enough to continue adding sides to my other set of 120 square in a square units and my nine-patch sections as leaders and enders until the next time I venture out to the quilt store. My hope is that the more "traditional" quilt store in the opposite direction might be a better source for cream fabric! 

Maybe I'm just being too particular about the shade of cream for a "scrappy" quilt? I think that a more cohesive background color -- even if I end up using 4-6 different fabrics -- will help the blocks stand out more than something more scrappy -- what do you think?

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  1. I agree with you. You want a cohesive background color even if you're using different prints. I like the modern cream print you got. The cream fabrics at my local store tend to be more traditional.

  2. I don't think you are being too particular; if it doesn't feel right to you then it's worth getting right! :)

  3. Love the colors for your Double Delight.

  4. I prefer to have similar shades in my scrappy backgrounds, I think it really is a personal preference thing. If that's what feels right, then that's what you should do.

  5. This is so much yum, but honestly, the idea of pressing and trimming all of those units sounds exhausting to me right now!!!

    And nope, nope. Be picky! Do what feels right! Your scrappy quilts are always yum, so you must be doing it all right! :)

  6. That's a lot of trimming! You can also link up over at my blog on WIPs Wednesday. Anything you are working on you can link up on Wednesdays.


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