Monday, March 12, 2018

Double Delight {Happy & Scrappy}

Now that my main scrappy projects from last year (Top Spin, On Ringo Lake, Magnolia Mystery Quilt) are done being pieced, and my Donuts quilt is getting closer and closer to being ready to assemble, I have been searching and contemplating a new scrappy project for myself.

I considered a lot of things, wanting a project I could pick up and put away easily as well as could be easily adapted to leaders and enders (because Donuts isn't great for leaders and enders!) and settled on Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight pattern which is free on her site. My color scheme will be identical as the original excepting subbing in chartreuse for cheddar and mulberry for brown. I drew up a mock version of what the Rolling Star block would look like in my color scheme and I like it very much!

Since I got a little too excited about starting the cutting for this quilt, I didn't realize until most of the way through the cutting that I don't actually have enough cream or pink scraps in the right shades for the whole quilt. Oops. I did have enough fabrics for the navy, mulberry, and chartreuse sections, but just barely!

I did as much sewing on the corner square-in-a-square units as my fabrics would allow -- I got all of the green corner triangles sewn, and about half of the units have one cream corner triangles attached.

I have all the necessary units cut for the side square-in-a-square units, so that has been my side project/leader and ender project over the last two weeks. I'm done with these units and they are ready to be trimmed to size!

I have quite a few pink and cream strips sewn and trimmed into sections for the nine-patch blocks, but will have to make lots more. I am sticking with the two pink-one-cream units until I have enough and then I'll switch to the two cream-one pink units.

My plan is to pick up a few fat quarters and half yards of the right shades of cream (I'll need approximately 2 yards more of the cream!) and pink (I'll need to add in about a yard) each time I am near one of my local quilt shops (or semi-local, rather -- all of them are about a half hour away). This is mainly going to be a leader and ender project and I still have lots of sewing I can on these units until I actually am going to physically need cream and pink fabrics in my possession to add in to the quilt.

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  1. Oo, I love this color combo! And it looks like you've made quite a bit of progress so far. It's gonna be a really pretty quilt :)

  2. You got a lot done already! And you've got a plan already to get it finished. You're half way there!

  3. Shhhhhh, don't tell Bonnie, but I like your colors SO much better! I don't like cheddar and brown is blah! I'm looking forward to seeing yours pieced together!!

  4. Mulberry!!! I love that name! I have quite a bit of fabric in that colorway, too. And I love your thought process of using that in place of a brown. You’ve got me thinking...

  5. What a beautiful scrap quilt!

  6. Love the color scheme! You've made a lot of progress in a short time. You must be speeding along on other projects if this is your leader and ender project!


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