Friday, October 6, 2017

Back in Burgundy {Stash Bee Star Quilt}

One of the things that I have on my WIP spreadsheet (yes, I have it all in a spreadsheet) is the date that I last worked on a project. I started the list last December when I put together my first Brutally Honest post here on the blog. Now that it's the end of September, one of the things staring me in the face is the group of projects that I haven't worked on since before I started the list. Some of these are scrappy on-and-off projects, but I decided to buckle down and try to finish my 2015 Stash Bee Quilt.

Here's what the top of this quilt looked like when I put it together:

I decided to quilt this quilt with different FMQ motifs in each star. You can see the first post of the block close ups here and the second post here. I had also quilted some of the small stars but hadn't chronicled them here until now:

Top center stars:
FMQ motifs used: lemon slices, branched feathers

Right side grouping of small stars:
FMQ motifs used: swirly suns, echoed hearts, layered meander, echoed wiggle

So this more-than-half quilted quilt has been sitting on a shelf for at least 18 months without being touched because I got frustrated coming up with new FMQ patterns since I was trying to use a different one in each star. I had four large stars and two small stars to go and now only have one large star to go, along with some pebbles in a few places.

Here are the three newly finished large stars:

Here are the two small stars:

Now I only have one start left and then it will be time to trim and bind this quilt!


  1. Coming up with new motifs can definitely be hard. You're so close! :)

  2. I love it! I love stars, I made a quilt of all stars and it's at the quilter because it's too big for me to quilt. I love this palette.

  3. Yay for having the finish line in sight! Star quilts are one of my favorites. I am finding out how differently people interpret color requests when you are in a Stash Bee so I am amazed at how well all of your blocks look together. This will be a great finish!

  4. Congrats on moving this project along. The quilting is looking great!

  5. Beautiful! The quilting is gorgeous. I love that you used a different motif in each block, it really makes them stand out. Can't wait to see the whole thing finished!


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