Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brutal Honesty {August 2017}

How is it August already? It seems like I just posted about my WIPs for July! Here's a quick recap of the progress of my July goals:

1. Finish July IBA baby quilt - done!
2. C2C Bee blocks/Stash Bee blocks - done!
3. Complete quilt top for MBS Quilt - the whole quilt is actually done!
4. Finish binding on Alison Glass sampler - done!

Here's how everything else is progressing, or not progressing:

1. Farmer's Wife Quilt (RSC 2016 project) -- At the long arm quilter, hoping to pick up in August.

2. Traveling Quilt Bee (2016) -- No progress

3. Coast to Coast Bee -- My additions to Audrey's quilt are complete. My quilt will be back to me very soon.

4. Stash Bee Star quilt -- No progress

5. Top Spin leaders and enders -- I made eight blocks. I need to make more large HSTs before I can make more blocks.

6. Meadow Mystery QAL -- I bought the backing for this quilt and I am going to hopefully quilt it later in August.

7. Pineapple Stash Bee Blocks -- I am trying to decide how to put it together. Suggestions welcomed!

8. Summer on the Coast Quilt -- I bought the backing for this quilt and I am going to hopefully quilt it in the fall.

9. Monthly Wall Hangings -- No progress

10. Sew Kitschy Blocks - No progress

11. Romantic Garden Quilt - No progress

12. Mini Monthly Wall Hangings - No progress

13. Happy Houses blocks - I made two blue blocks for July and have 32 blocks total.

14. Birthstone blocks - I made both my sapphire and my tanzanite blocks. I now have nine of twelve blocks complete!

15. Monthly Island Batik Ambassador projects -- My July project is done, and my August project is in progress. I also started on my September project since it is a bigger project for an official blog hop.

16. Gathering Mystery Quilt with Cora's Quilts -- Ready to send to be quilted. I picked out a new aqua polka dot 108" backing for this quilt that we are now carrying in the HBD fabric shop on Etsy.

New Projects:

1. Magnolia Mystery Quilt with Meadow Mist Designs -- my fabrics are tentatively pulled but I don't have a background fabric yet. I'll do a post on this project once I cut my fabrics and decide on a background fabric.

2. Blue in Bloom quilts: I also plan to make two throw sized versions of our Blue in Bloom pattern. Last year I made the two Little Firecracker quilts for the college girls that I advise, and this year I'll be doing the same with Blue in Bloom. I have all of the fabrics picked out and cut other than the background fabrics for each. These will be my main projects when I go to quilt retreat in a few weeks. I'll be showing off the color schemes for the two quilts very soon.

Here are my goals for this month:
1. August Island Batik QAYG project
2. August Stash Bee blocks and August RSC house blocks
3. Finish top of September Island Batik project
4. Progress on Blue in Bloom Quilts

Happy August! Don't forget to enter the August Island Batik giveaway!


  1. I'm so glad there is someone else out there with a list like this! ;) You are surrounded by beautiful projects, what a gift.

  2. Alison you are one busy girl. Love you list and can't wait to see the progress on these projects.

  3. Hmm, I would need to doodle it out, but for the pineapple blocks, have you thought about using some filler "greenery" green and white blocks for sashing? I know the block sizes make the layout a bit tricky and I'm wondering if groupings of pineapple "tops" might be a fun way to connect it all. It might not work, just an idea that popped into my head as I read through everything today.

    1. funny, I had a similar thought, I think the pineapples definitely need to be staggered and the way to do that is with some wide sashings - I thought about making sashing strips with two lights of assorted whites and/or beiges and a dark center strip of assorted greens, cutting to the length of the pineapples. you could also play with some HRT's as well.

  4. SO MUCH YUM. (But I know you can guess which one is my fave!!)

  5. You have so many beautiful quilt blocks on the go, Alison! I especially love those little houses. But the pineapples are really cute too! Looking forward to seeing them progress!

  6. I'm glad not to be the only one that's got multiple projects in the works and in rotation. Good luck on your August goals.

  7. You are making progress on many fronts. I love the house blocks and the birthstone blocks are absolutely radiant.

  8. July certainly did go quickly. Hopefully August moves at a snails pace for all of us. All of your quilts are gorgeous!!


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