Monday, April 17, 2017

Christine's Kitchen QAL {Week 5}

Welcome to Week 5 of the Christine's Kitchen QAL!

Update: The QAL Is now over and the entire pattern is now available for purchase.

This week we are making block #8 and block #9 and then joining together blocks #6, #7, and #8 (remember we made #6 and #7 last week!) to make Row #3. Note: we will not be putting together Row #2 until near the end when we make our applique flower blocks.

For tips today, I thought that I would talk about the controversial topic of removing your paper foundations.
  • Some prefer to not remove paper from foundations until an entire quilt top is completed. This does eliminate some distortion worries but it does add extra bulk (and not to mention stiffness) to a quilt top. You would also have to remove all of the paper at the end.
  • Some like to remove paper once a block is completed. You would still end up sewing through some paper sections but once your block is completed it would be removed.
  • I personally like to remove paper as I go to put my sections together. I don't like sewing through paper any more than I have to and sometimes just the sections themselves are thick enough.
  • Shortening your stitch length and folding your paper on the sew lines while you trim will help "loosen" the paper and make it easier to tear along the stitch lines.
  • When you remove your paper sections, remove them in the opposite order in which you sewed the pieces -- ie, 4, 3, 2, 1. 
  • Be aware of what sections have bias along the edges and be careful to not pull and distort the pieces. I find that it is helpful to hold onto the seam allowances (because it is thicker and more stable) with one hand while I tear with the other.

I made block #8 and #9 on separate days so my progress pictures are separate.

Here's block #8:

Here's my finished Row #3:

Block #9 is slightly more complicated and we'll add it to Row #4 in two weeks:

Here is Amanda's finished Row #3 and her teapot:

This week is a PRIZE WEEK so post your finished Row #3 on Instagram with #christineskitchenquilt or email me a finished picture at to be entered to win two Honey, Bunny, and Doll patterns of your choosing! 

We've just released our *brand new* Seasonal Tablerunner patterns that coordinate with our Seasonal Placemats!

March 27th: Blocks 3 and 4; building Row #1
April 3rd: Block 5; sashing
April 10th: Blocks 6 and 7
April 17th: Blocks 8 and 9; building Row #3 (you are here!)
April 24th: Blocks 10 and 11; sashing
May 1st: Block 12; sashing
May 8th: Applique blocks
May 15th: Setting 
May 22nd: Border and finishing
May 29th: Memorial Day break
June 5th: Show off your quilt!


  1. Those are adorable blocks! Can't wait to see the rest come together.

  2. Such adorable blocks! I really like all of the different colors and fabrics you are using.

  3. Beautiful blocks. Very useful tips for paper piecing. I'm still perfecting my skills there, even after a full year of all those dress blocks.


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