Monday, April 10, 2017

Christine's Kitchen QAL {Week 4}

We're back with Week 4 of the Christine's Kitchen QAL! This week we are making the coffee pot and vase in Row #3. Next week, we'll be putting row three together!

Back to lots of tips this week! Let's talk about stitching and working with paper.
  • Don't forget to adjust those stitch lengths! If you have any sort of digital machine that probably means you'll need to set your stitch length each time you turn on your machine.
  • Save an old needle for paper piecing -- stitching through paper will dull your needle quickly, so a a slightly dull needle will still do the trick. Save those new needles!
  • Speaking of dullness, cutting through paper will also dull your rotary blades. I trim my units to size with my rotary cutter rather than using my scissors -- it is cheaper to replace rotary blades than to sharpen my scissors and I find the rotary cutter to be much more accurate.
  • You can also save a slightly dull rotary blade to use for paper cutting -- just make sure it isn't dull enough that it becomes dangerous.

On to this week's blocks -- here are my block sections -- lots of easy piecing this week!

With only a few sections per block, these come together quickly!

Stitch, stitch, stitch!

Here are Amanda's blocks:

Just darling!

Next week we will make the pitcher from Row #3 and put Row #3 together with sashing, so that means next week is another prize week! Just thinking about joining? There's still plenty of time to join in on the fun! We're working on lining up the next giveaway prize so stay tuned!

March 27th: Blocks 3 and 4; building Row #1
April 3rd: Block 5; sashing
April 10th: Blocks 6 and 7 (you are here!)
April 17th: Blocks 8 and 9; sashing
April 24th: Blocks 10 and 11; sashing
May 1st: Block 12; sashing
May 8th: Applique blocks
May 15th: Setting 
May 22nd: Border and finishing
May 29th: Memorial Day break
June 5th: Show off your quilt!

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  1. Very useful tips. I hadn't considered the needle getting dull more quickly with paper piecing.


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