Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Traveling Quilt Bee: Month #5

This month isn't actually a month -- it's a month and a half because of the holidays. For November/December, I worked on Michelle's quilt. She requested a palette of navy, coral. teal, and purple. I decided to try to add on multiple sections since I had the quilt for longer.

The first section I added was two sides' worth of four patches to break up the larger pieced blocks.

I used selected strips from an Architextures jelly roll that fit her color scheme. Neither edge came out perfectly "square" with an even number of four patches, but it still looks good to me.

Next, I decided that I would make a strip of 6 inch blocks along one of the long sides of the quilt top. I used a bunch of my favorite patterns from the Farmer's Wife blocks and added two 3 inch blocks to get it to the right length.

As of right now this quilt is approximately 54 x 51 inches. I kept toying with the idea of adding a third section , but ultimately decided against it when I had finished making my 6 inch blocks and just didn't feel like I had enough of the right colors to make a whole additional section. Instead, I went through my pile of abandoned bee blocks and sent off six 12 inch blocks for Michelle to add if she likes them!

My quilt continues to grow rapidly! Nela had my quilt in November/December, which I was very excited about because she and I had been in the Stash Bee together! Here is what it looked like when she sent it off to its last stop!

She added the row of HST blocks at the bottom of the quilt in this picture. As of right now, it is 54 inches wide and 67 inches long! One more row on each side of the quilt, and this thing will be nearly twin sized!

Sharing at Let's Bee Social and NTT Thursday!

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  1. Both quilts are beautiful but I think I like your's best because I like hi contrast. I couldn't remember how I'm following you so I clicked on bloglovin and discovered that's how I'm following you so I couldn't add to your numbers as I'm already there.

  2. How fun to continue to watch these quilts grow. And good luck with your goal, I already follow you there so I can't help out!

  3. Love your purple and yellow quilt! I have never sewn with purple much, but yours makes me want to! I love your blog, and don't know why I never put you on my Bloglovin list, but now you are!

  4. How fun. I've never been part of any kind of quilting bee.

  5. Wish I could help you out but I am already a follower of yours. Oh wait. I follow via e-mail. Would it help if I added you to bloglovin too?

  6. Your round robin quilts have been so fun to watch develop. Yours is looking great. Your additions to Michelle's work really well.

  7. Aren't round robins fun to do? They can be stressful too though! I had one not-so-great experience many years ago, and then this past summer a terrific experience with our mini round robin! I am already following you on bloglovin ;-)

  8. It always surprises me watching round robins come together! Both quilts are gorgeous!!


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