Friday, April 22, 2016

HBD Designs: Made by YOU!

One of the most exciting things about being a pattern designer is seeing people make quilts from your designs! Today I wanted to share a few quilts made by you inspired by our patterns!

First, we have Debra's Starburst Quilt. She participated in our original quilt along and here is her finished quilt!

Next we have Jordan's version of Square Pegs. She made an ombre effect quilt!

Finally, I wanted to share a few quilts made by my mom (the Honey of HBD!) who is always willing to play along with our quilt alongs and new patterns! She is the official pattern tester of HBD. :)

First we have her QCQAL quilt from 2014:

Next we have her QCQAL 2 quilt from 2015:

And finally her Spring Splendor quilt -- with a candy pink background!

If you've made a version of one of our patterns, please share it! You can email us pictures at or!


  1. That has to be so cool to see someone else's interpretation of a pattern that you created. So cool!

  2. It's fun to see the different versions of the same quilt. It must be even more fun to see that with your own patterns.


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