Monday, October 20, 2014

Quilts for Twins -- Tops Complete!

While I may not have mentioned it on here, I have been impatiently waiting for some work friends of Park Ranger Husband to have their twins so that I could make them quilts! They didn't find out the genders of the twins until they were born, so I couldn't work ahead and have two quilts ready to go!

They had two girls -- which I didn't expect! I was pretty sure they were going to have a boy and a girl or two boys. Guess I shouldn't try to become a professional gambler!

I decided to use my Sew Pieceful swap blocks for both quilts. Instead of making matchy-matchy quilts, I made one quilt with my peach-mint-lilac color scheme and one quilt with the pink-yellow-teal color scheme.

I sashed the first quilt with a pink tonal and teal floral cornerstones and sashed the second quilt with a white and purple medallion print with grey cornerstones. All from my stash -- wahoo!

Now I need to get flannel to back the both of these! They are narrow enough that I won't have to piece the backing -- YAY! -- and I will probably quilt both of them in white to keep them light and girly.

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  1. Beautiful quilts Alison. I have a quilt to I just finished, but I've only ever quilted by hand and the quilt I made its way too big for that. Do you use a special foot for machine quilting? Any tips would be appreciated :)

  2. Love your quilts! Signed up for the Stash Bee but they only have one spot left. Don't know if I was in time! XO

  3. lovely quilts, I too am about to start one for mu neice`s baby Thomas but she wants it in pastels, lemon, green and cream which I am having problems finding, lemon or any yellow seems to be an "out" colour these days everything seems to be bright.

  4. LOVELY !! :) I have twin grand girls...they are 4 now and can be a handful to put it mildly, lol...


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