Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Wedding Quilt -- One Year Late

In getting ready to post about Amanda and Mike's wedding quilt, I realized that I had never shared the quilt that Park Ranger Husband and I received as a wedding present made by my mom. I figured today was as good as any since it is our one year anniversary!

The backstory on this one isn't quite as elaborate because my mom was the only one involved in making this quilt rather than three of us. She did tell me that even before we got engaged she had decided that she wanted to make us a quilt for our wedding and that it should be a Civil War style quilt with Civil War fabrics because Park Ranger Husband is a Civil War historian.

(PS. I am SO happy I found this picture, because the other one I found was me holding it up with wet hair. Ew.)

The pattern for this quilt actually has some sort of floral motif in the center, but my mom decided to put a monogram there instead.

There are two of each little block (one on the outer ring and one in one of the inner rings) and every one is different! The entire quilt is hand quilted (you can see the cross hatch quilting in the medallion center) and my mom had to wait until after I came home for my cousin's wedding to put up the quilting frame to do the hand quilting. She had about 5 weeks to get the whole thing done and my dad says she disappeared every night to work on it.

So happy anniversary to us (we are going to VA to learn history and drink wine for three days! YAY!) and happy quilting to you!

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt! Happy Anniversary!! Do you by any chance know the name of this pattern? I also love Civil War fabrics and quilts. Thanks.


    1. It's called Round Robin and it's designed by Bits 'n Pieces (
      One note: read the instructions very carefully before starting. There's two sizes in the pattern. The cover picture is not the large size quilt.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Park Ranger son-in-law!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful quilt!

  4. congratulations on your 1st anniversary to both of you and what a wonderful quilt, so much to see here as there are so many different blocks some of which are new to me. I can see where you get your amazing talent from

  5. Happy first anniversary! Your Mother did a beautiful job, it's a gorgeous quilt.


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