Friday, July 4, 2014

June and July Sew Kitschy Blocks

I don't know what happened to June. I was rather unmotivated to do any sewing (other than keeping up with the QCQAL blocks, of course) so my June Sew Kitschy block was printed out and sat on my sewing table all month. I managed to get both June and July done yesterday, inspired by a Lost mini-marathon.

Here's my June pitcher and glasses:

I think this one is the last one I might do with a fully red background.

Here's July's radio:

I wish that I had more of that background fabric!

Here's all seven of my finished blocks all together:

I'm very happy with the blend of colors thus far. It's been easy to add in fabrics as I've gone along and I might hold off on putting it all together just yet because I think that I may purchase Kristy's other paper piecing kitchen sets and put together a large wall hanging.

Happy fourth of July! Miss Clara Belle wishes you a happy Independence Day!

PS. I got a new camera for my birthday (YAY!) but I am still figuring it out and I need to get a camera card for it (dumb thing only holds three pictures without a camera card -- BOO!) so bear with me for the time being, please!


  1. Your blocks are all looking really great together!

  2. the blocks are coming along a treat, love the range of colours you have used here. Such a cute bunny. No memory cards in new cameras really bugs me, I have had 3 cameras so far and have not been able to use the same memory card in any of them think it is called a ripe off.

  3. your blocks look great. love the mixer. I got behind too but I'm working on the radio today.

  4. Happy belated birthday. Love your kitchen blocks, they will make a very cute wall hanging.

  5. Han quedado unos bloques preciosos
    Saludos Mayte


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