Monday, June 30, 2014

QCQAL Block #9 -- Card Trick

This one has been a popular one and I'm excited that this is the next block we are doing!

Check out block inspiration on Pinterest!

I made this one using four colors -- the best thing to do is to lay out the block in its entirety before you do any sewing! This will help you to make the units with the right colors in each section. I found it helpful to think about the block aligned on a clock -- ie 3 is the red, 6 is the green, 9 is the orange, and 12 is the blue as shown in the diagram above.

One (1) background square cut 5 1/4 inches -- cut diagonally twice to yield four (4) small triangles
Two (2) background squares cut 4 7/8 inches -- cut each diagonally once to yield (4) large triangles

For each of your four colors cut:
One (1) square 4 7/8 inches -- cut diagonally once to yield two (2) large triangles
One (1) square 3 3/4 inches -- cut diagonally once to yield two (2) small triangles

Lay out your block -- try to place your colors so that there is contrast between each neighboring color.

Sew your center unit together using four small triangles -- one of each color -- being careful to keep the correct colors in the correct orientation.

Sew each of your remaining small colored triangles to a small background triangle. If you place each triangle with the 90 degree corner pointing up, the small colored triangle should be on the RIGHT.

Add each of your small triangle units from the previous step to the correct large colored triangle.

Sew each of your remaining large colored triangles to one of the large background triangles.

Lay out your block and double check that all of your units have been put together correctly!

Sew together into rows and sew rows together for finished block!

Here are my nine finished blocks! They are looking lovely together!

Please post pictures of your finished card trick blocks AND a picture of all of your finished blocks thus far in the Flickr group!


  1. At last, Card Trick -- I love this block -- headed to the studio right now!!

  2. many thanks for this latest block


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