Saturday, June 7, 2014

June A Lovely Year of Finishes Goal -- Scrappy Batik Quilt Top

I'm getting this goal submitted juuuuust under the wire!

I started working on a scrappy quilt top using blue/grey/aqua batiks with a white/cream/grey scrappy background before we moved and this month I want to get the rest of the paper pieced triangle units finished and then get the top put together. 

Right now, I have all of the four-patch units done and I have all of the square in a square units completed as well.

BUT I know that I still have at least 40 of the triangle units to make and I need to pull a few more fabrics in blues from my scrap bins to make sure that I don't run out! 

I stopped by the local quilt shop yesterday to get a half yard of the off white dotty batik in the picture and I am definitely going to have to hit up some other semi-local quilt shops to get a wider variety of background fabrics so that it looks scrappy. I was hoping to get quarter yards of a half dozen or so different fabrics, but there was not much to choose from at that shop. 

Linking up my goal to A Lovely Year of Finishes! Today is the last day for June to link up goals, so sort through that WIP pile and get one submitted!


  1. how I love batiks, treated myself to a jelly roll yesterday, no definate plans of what to do with it yet have an idea but just looking at it makes me feel happy

  2. I have been seriously thinking about a scrappy batik quilt myself, lately. Love your fabrics. Can't wait to see it finished!


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